First Time For Everything? I Attended A Non-Traditional Wedding Today…

I attended the wedding of two men today – one of whom is a cousin of my husband. I had a good time being a part of their “big day,” and yes – the open bar at Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, MI definitely helped!

Everyone seemed happy to be part of this celebration. Shortly before coming out, we had to buy a card in which to put the cash we were giving as a gift. The store we visited had maybe…two racks of greeting cards. One of the two “wedding” cards depicted a squirrel bride and groom – and the other, a doggie bride and groom. Uh…neither of these would work! So we picked a blank card and wrote our own message inside.

I don’t know if Hallmark – or American Greetings – has branched out into creating same-sex wedding greeting cards yet or not. If they haven’t- they definitely should! Maybe a couple of boy squirrels – in top hats – two brides in tuxedos…lots of options here.

The “toast” was given by two female friends of the two “grooms,” which was a neat twist. One of recalled meeting the “mate” of my husband’s cousin about 25 years ago when they were on a swim team together, though apparently he didn’t remember that meeting. I don’t recall exactly how she worded it, but she said something along the lines of “You apparently didn’t get involved in swim club to meet women.” Yes…that pretty much summed it up!

My husband I both knew pretty early on that this cousin of his was…different. Meaning – we knew he would never be into girls. For one, he was never interested in the “outdoorsy” (hunting, camping, etc.) and mechanical pursuits of his other two brothers. For another, he went to see Wicked with his mother in Chicago…and raved about it!

I know not everyone is in support of gay marriage. But nobody could deny that love was in the air today – and two people who really love and care about each other shared it with their closest friends and relatives! I was happy to be a part of their big day and wish them the best…

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