Two “Bridesmaid” Prizes Tonight…

Kept our closest competitors at bay tonight  plus widened  the “gap” with them (heh I said “gap”).  Smart wagering on final  questions  is the  way  to go with the “new hotness” of Sporcle Live.

Strangely, this was our strategy  when we started out playing years ago, yet were derided by others who called  it a “suckers  bet.”

Has it all come full circle  now that  the very person who derided  me and my team  for doing  this – is now recommending this? Or is he now taking  a page from my “playbook?” Survey sez? Honestly  I don’t  care!

All’s fair in trivir a  and war? I like to say that I’m  “keeping  my head  on a swivel.”

Never a dull moment!

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