Will They Make The Top 10? Or Not?

I’m waiting to hear back from the team captain of the team I’m going to be “sitting in” with for the upcoming tournaments. I’m wondering if signing in and playing under their number one night this week (Wednesday) will do any good.

I’m still willing to play the semifinal game July 27 and trying to help them advance if needed. But I don’t want to waste time playing a My Trivia Live game Wednesday if it’s not going to be possible to land in the top 10 barhop. I would much rather schedule a Sporcle Live game that night, since one of my players who will be joining us that night is much stronger with the Sporcle Live format than MTL.

I know too well what “barhop” is like! My trivia team qualified for several Sporcle Live tournaments in this fashion, before they changed their rules.

I know that if it were MY team and landing in the top 10 by the season’s end was my goal? I’d move heaven and earth to make that happen!  Though I can’t pull off that kind of “madness” anymore without getting divorced (LOL), I’ll never forget a player on a rival team (which like our team, was attempting to get to a tournament by barhop), confronted me the following week after we jumped ahead in the standings and asked me, “How many nights did you play last week?”



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