More About My Weird John Tyler Dream…

My post about my weird John Tyler dream was quite short this morning, that’s because I was just getting ready for work.

Now for a bit more! A big crowd of people (presumably all family members) were gathered around what looked like a trailer, only it was indoors, like maybe in mall or something. Some guy said something about how his son and his fiancee were BOTH descendants of U.S. President John Tyler. He seemed super proud of that fact…

Now there are LOTS of derisive things I could have said (His Accidency, caretaker president, had body draped in stars and bars flag, member of Whig party, etc). These people seemed SO proud of being related to… John f—ing Tyler. And since apparently I’m still me – even in my dreams – meaning I’m a giant dork – and sometimes say things that get me into hot water, here’s what I said…

“Big deal (there very well could’ve been an expletive thrown into between “big” and “deal,” but let’s assume I was attempting to be polite) – lots of people are probably related to him.” Please note that was ALL I said…

They were absolutely LIVID about me saying that. They wanted to feel really “special” for being related to our first “His Accidency” president, for being related to a “caretaker president.” Seriously – what were Whigs good at – besides dying in office – and maybe being “war heroes?” So there I was shunned from a gathering I wanted no part of anyway… (woe is me, LOL).


Rewind to Wednesday evening, when our power went out suddenly at our house. I picked up a “bathroom reader” trivia book sitting near me, and started reading random facts from the book. One of them was about (drum roll) John Tyler. The factoid was that as of 2011, he STILL had two living grandchildren. As of 2017, that fact was still true… John Tyler was born in 1790. Yes, really… (my head hurts thinking about that too).

So THAT’s how John Tyler made his way into my subconscious mind! But what do  I know? I’m no Sigmund Freud… all I know is that I rarely ever remember anything I dream about…

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