(Updated with answers)Trivia Recap – June 27, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

Note: Answers in  the comments.

Sometimes your “best laid” trivia plans get scrapped the last minute because of snowstorms, toothaches, bad feng shui in the living room that simply MUST be fixed before you can go on with your day, which means you must re-arrange your entire living room (JK!), all of your players calling off, etc. Then there is the opposite circumstance – those “spur of the moment” trivia games that weren’t part of your “plans.”

Well, a power outage hitting our house a bit after 5:30 p.m. Wednesday wasn’t exactly part of our “plan,” either! We tried waiting it out for a bit, since sometimes we have little power “blips,” and power gets restored quite quickly. Nothing yet? Oh, OK…I guess I’ll call DTE and report the outage (which I’ve done several times in the past year). What was the cause this time? My two text messages said “damage caused by trees,” and “equipment failure” (well, duh…obviously the equipment failed). As annoying as it’s been, we only seem to have “dumb” causes of power outages – we magically escaped losing power during the huge windstorm in the late winter of 2017, which knocked out power for thousands in Southeast MI, causing many people to flock to motels, hotels and Air BNBs. Yup, we had power during that calamity! But when the sun’s shining, and there is no wind – and it’s not even brutally cold – or hot – bam – the power might go out at our house. And that’s exactly what happened Wednesday evening…

Which is why we decided – last minute – to play at The Owl in Milan – that and we had a gift certificate from a previous visit to use! Special thanks to Kim for responding to my desperate last minute text while we were driving to the game: “Can you look up tonight’s newsletter answer please?”

As for the game, we finished in third overall with 110 points and a $20/first place prize in game one. This isn’t a bar we plan to play every week…just a place we may occasionally “visit,” especially during the warmer months – and maybe on those weeks where my work schedule makes it difficult to do a 9 p.m. game on Thursdays… You know – play casual?

And here are the questions…

Game One

1. Book Titles – What is the name of both a 1961 Joseph Heller novel and a word describing a paradoxical situation? 10

2. Languages  – Name the Spanish, Italian or French word for “Wednesday?” Mike knew the Spanish word for sure (he lived in Panama for a couple of summers in the early 1990s) and I “sort of” remembered the French word from high school French class…but we went with his guess because it was “safer” for 9…

3. Pro Rassling – William Alvin Moody, who was better known as Paul Bearer, is closely associated with what pro rassler, whom he first managed? Mike said he was HOPING the question would be about this guy, got this for 8.


Gomez Addams’ long lost brother? Or is it Paul Bearer?

4. Countries – Accra is the capital of what African country, located on the Atlantic coast between Togo and C’ote D’Ivoire? 7

5. Cartoons – Scoobie Doobies, the Yogi Yahooeys, and the Really Rottens were teams competing for gold, silver and bronze medals in what 1970s Hanna Barbera animated series? Our teammate Brad is probably our “expert” in most things Hanna Barbera, I’m not a complete “Error 404: pop culture reference not found” with Hanna Barbera, but I honestly don’t remember watching these cartoons much as a kid. Though I LOVED Captain Caveman…and Grape Ape! Alas, this was the FB clue, 6.

6. Water – Commonly associated with the Roman Empire, what is the eight letter term for an artificial channel for conveying water typically in the form of a bridge across a valley or other gap? 5

7. Weather – The term “Dust Bowl” refers to a series of droughts and dust storms that primarily took place in what decade? 4

8. Cocktails – According to the International Bartender’s Association, the “Bramble” is a gin-based cocktail that is made with both a fruit juice and a fruit flavored liqueur – name one of those two fruits, or both for a bonus point. Now it’s settled….our team needs to either start becoming more “well rounded” drinkers and maybe have cocktails now and then instead of just beer, beer, beer, and MORE beer…. – learn the damned cocktails and all of their ingredients, or recruit a professional bartender to play with our team. For the second time this week we failed a cocktails question…someone pour me a drink NOW (LOL)! No, I don’t want a “Bramble” (actually those look pretty…good)! But a good old vodka collins will do just fine – or a Long Island iced tea made with club soda instead of coke (which I call a “Blonde Island Iced Tea.” It’s a “skinnier” version of a Long Island Iced tea, and not as sweet…(I am sweet enough already, after all…). Uh, where was I? Oh yes…question 9!

9. Movie Plots – Abscam was an operation that was dramatized in what 2013 film that was nominated for 10 Academy Awards including best picture and all four acting categories? Miss for 3. Another drink? 🙂


Geez, I saw this flippin’ movie, how did we miss this?

10. Instruments – What part of the violin family is the second largest and the second lowest in pitch in a modern symphony orchestra? I made this handy “chart” during the game…

And here’s my handy violin “chart” I made during the game:


The more you know!

Mystery – All of these clues about a U.S. state will have just one correct answer – the earlier you answer, the more points you get…

M1 – Of the states entering the union during the U.S. Civil War, I am the largest by total area

M2 – I produce more gold than any other U.S. state by far

M3 – I border five other U.S. states and part of my border is formed by the Colorado River

M4 – My state legislature voted to legalize gambling in 1931

We…hesitated a bit too much on this one (my husband is not much of a “gambler”)… So we only got four points out of this round. I SAID IT WAS THE BATTLE BORN STATE AFTER HEARING THE FIRST CLUE! Uh, sorry about that!

Scores – Eight teams, scores 35 to 58, with team Power Out at Home (aka ‘Pods) in first – “Team Number 7” was right behind us with 55.

Final Category – Votes

Since 1824, four U.S. presidents have won at least 60% of the popular vote in a presidential election, and each occasion took place in the 20th century. Name one of those four presidents, each of whom defeated their closest opponent by at least 20%.

Did not wager on this…

Scores – ???, 57; ‘Pods, 58.

Game Two

1. Musicals – What 1975 musical is based on a L. Frank Baum novel and is partially subtitled the “Super Soul Musical?”

2. Controllers – On a Sony Playstation controller, what green geometric shape is on the button located directy above the X button? Miss for 3.

3. Mergers – In 2010, tool and hardware manufacturer Stanley Works merged with what company that had been founded in 1910 and was named for its co-founders? 9

4. Tests – Name any of the words that have been represented by the letter “A” when referring to the SAT test? 4

5. World Travel – What English captain commanded the HMS Endeavor, which in 1770 became the the first European ship to reach the coast of Australia? 8

6. Sports Terms – Campfire, double block, floater, dig and six pack are among the terms associated with what summer Olympic sport? Miss for 1.

7. Movie Songs – Had to ID song title for song from a 1989 animated film. I could only name one song from that movie (which is not the one that was playing). My husband was a “dark horse” on this one for the strangest reason imaginable, saying,  “I wanted to plow (princess name).” Uh, OK! I said “Ha ha, she doesn’t even have the right “lady parts.” I asked if there were any other Disney princesses he’d thought about “banging,” and he said “No.” Yes, we have some bizarre conversations on trivia nights! Got this for 2.

8. Food Production – Associated with beer, wine and other food products, what is the term for chemical breakdown of a substance’s enzymes, typically involving effervescence and the giving off of heat? 7

9. Games – What game was described as being a hybrid of Pictionary and Telephone – featuring “terrible drawings and ridiculous guesses” and the telephone game – sketched out respectively? I’m sorry, I know my attempt to recreate this question is not even close…but neither was our guess. Miss for 5.

10. TV Personalities – What game show personality was named the “most frequent clapper” by Guinness Book of Records? 6

Visual Mystery


Missed #4.

Scores – Eight teams, scores 46 to 59 with Bald ??? in first. We were in fourth with 52, right behind “Team Number 7,” who had 53 points.

Final Category – Short Lived TV

What short-lived 2011 TV series starring Annie Ilonzeh, Minka Kelly, and Rachael Taylor was a reboot of a series that debuted more than 30 years prior?

Got it right, but didn’t wager….(even if we had it would not have put us in the prize zone, so meh…).

Game Winners – “Team Number 7,” 73; Bald ???, 79.

This is IT for this week’s trivia shenanigans! We’ve played three nights in a row and have won $70 in prizes this week. Our work is DONE! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, the Really Rottens Laff A Lympics team!







5 thoughts on “(Updated with answers)Trivia Recap – June 27, 2019 – The Owl (Milan, MI)

  1. Game 1
    1. Catch 22
    2. Mercoles mercredi mercoledi
    3. Undertaker
    4. Ghana
    5. Laff a lympics
    6. Aquaduct
    7. 30s
    8. Lemon blackberry
    9. Am. Hustle
    10. Cello
    Mystery nevada
    Final harding fdr Johnson ? ??
    Game 2
    1. The wiz
    2. Triangle
    3. Black and decker
    4. Achievement aptitude assessment
    5. Cook
    6. Volleyball
    7. Part of your world
    8. Fermentation
    9. Scrawl and telestratioms
    10. Vanna white
    Myst led zeppelin run dmc no doubt florida georgia line
    Final charlies angels

  2. The night I used to play, and I would have gotten both final questions right, though Charlie’s Angels was a guess.

    The fourth president is Nixon in 1972

    1. we did put the wrong answer for the first final (ronald reagan), though I did mention Lyndon Johnson (did not wager points). Also knew final for game two, but didn’t wager on that, either.

  3. I thought the obvious guess if you weren’t sure was Roosevelt, He was popular enough to win four elections. I asked my sister and she said Reagan too. Reagan did win twice in landslide victories though.

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