Trivia Recap – June 26, 2019 – McShane’s Pub

The pub trivia “scene” is looking quite a bit different at McShane’s Pub these days! In addition to the familiar faces of players who regularly play Tuesdays at McShane’s, we also saw some folks we remembered from having played at the Wurst Bar on Wednesdays. As it turned out, three former Wurst Bar teams (including ours) – wound up dominating the night at McShane’s! We were playing with about half the team we used to have when we played at The Wurst Bar, but we wound up finishing in second with a $20 gift certificate (bested by Wurst’s top team -Pants Team). We had a rough go of it in the first half, but rallied quite well in the second, missing only one question.

The questions…

Round One

1. Treats – What treat, commonly associated with camping, consists of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers? This must be a “people without kids” problem…we always talk about how good it would be to have s’mores while camping – but then we’re always left with about a half bag of marshmallows after the trip that wind up going stale. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could buy only the marshmallows you  need in bulk? Or if they came in smaller bags (I’d be willing to pay more for that convenience)?  Problem solved if we go on a camping trip with parents bringing their kids! Got this for 5.

2. Video Games – In the classic Pac Man video game, what color do the ghosts become when they eat one of the power pellets? 3

3. ’70s Movies – In the 1970 film Kelly’s Heroes, who plays Private Kelly? Newsletter clue, 1.

Round Two

1. Rulers – The title “Pharaoh” was originally given to the ruler of which ancient nation? Mike says he wants this title to make a comeback – he says “It’s such a metal title.”  5

2. Liquors – To mix a classic “gimlet,” lime juice is added to what liquor? We probably overthought this one – I remember getting these drinks when they were on special at Aubree’s a few years ago, and said “I wouldn’t drink these if they were made with (blank) liquor,” so we ruled out that liquor. And of course that was the liquor they wanted for the answer…though one other type of liquor was also accepted that we had discussed. You’d think as much as we drink that we wouldn’t fail on “cocktail” questions…Miss for 1.

3. State Symbols – What is Michigan’s official “state stone?” For a three point bonus, what is Michigan’s official “children’s book?” We did not attempt the three point answer, and flubbed this one by putting down the answer for Michigan’s official GEMSTONE, not STONE. Sometimes knowing TOO much can hurt you in a trivia game (we did consider the right guess for official “stone…”)…Miss for 3. I heard quite a lot of “boos” when the bonus answer was read (I’m guessing a lot of teams missed this).

Round Three

1. Musicians – Free For All, Stranglehold, and Cat Scratch Fever are all well known tracks by what musician? 5

2. Sculptures – In which U.S. state is Mount Rushmore located? 3

3. Sports – Originating sometime in the Dark Ages and in Northern Europe, what sport used the term “run” long before the origin of baseball? Miss for 1.

Halftime – Stage Names

Given the years of birth, birth names and other clues, give the “stage names” of the following musicians.

H1 – 1947 – Michael (formerly Marvin) Lee Aday

H2 – 1969 Rapper O’Shea Sullivan Sr.

H3 – 1961 – Guitarist David Evans

H4 – Bassist Michael Balzari

Missed #1 and #2. Two out of four ain’t bad? No wait…that’s not how that expression goes!

Scores at the half: Eleven teams, scores 22 to 37, with Team Pants in first, with another former Wurst team Tongue Twisters behind them with 30 (tied with one other team). We were quite a bit behind the herd with 26 points. Curse you, Isle Royale Greenstone!

Now let’s see if that was all just a “warmup,” shall we?

Round Four

1. Computers – What programming language uses a steaming cup of coffee as its icon? 6

2. Mascots – What is the name for the axe-wielding mascots for Northern Arizona University and Steven F. Austin University? Good guess by Mike, 4.

3. Book to Movie – What 2015 Brie Larson film adapted from a 2010 book was named for where the characters in the movie were held captive? 2

Round Five

1. Record Breakers – The 102-mile long Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge became the world’s longest bridge in 2011 and is located in what country? This is where my “everything’s bigger in…” reasoning came into play successfully, 4. And dear LORD I would not want to be in a car on that bridge! It’s terrifying enough for me going over “Big Mac!” Yikes…

2. Islands – After the “big” island of Hawaii, which island located in the Gulf of Alaska is the largest? 2

3. Kids’ TV – Postcards from Buster was a spin-off of what long-running kids’ show airing from 2002 to 2004? I actually used to watch episodes of the “original” show before heading out to work before I had to start working the super early shifts (yes really). 6

Wait….what? We got ALL of round five correct? 🙂

Round Six

1. Exports – What North Atlantic British colony was long called the “Onion Patch” because of its biggest crop? Big duh from us, but when answer was revealed…yeah, that makes sense! Miss for 2.

2. Cars -What Ford car model was recalled in 1978 because of reports that it would burst into flames when rear-ended? Anyone else ever ride around in one of these when they were kids? 6


My neighbor/friend’s mom had one of these in the mid 1970s, only it had a sunroof. But it was this color…

3. Celebrity Politicians – Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was once the governor of which U.S. state? 4

Scores heading into the final:

Eleven teams, scores 46 to 65 with Pants Team in first, us in second with 60 (yay we did make a comeback) and another former Wurst team – Tongue Twisters – in third with 58.

Final Category – Movie Posters

What Fritz Lang silent movie poster sold for $690,000 at a 2005 auction? The movie’s title was synonymous with “town,” per Merriam-Webster.

This question is abbreviated…

Most teams wound up getting this… And I don’t feel a bit bad about it being on the easier side considering some of the really, really rough final questions we’ve battled in MTL games in the past!

No changes in standings:

Tongue Twisters, 116; Needs More Hashtag (aka Pods), 120 and Pants, 130. All former Wurst Bar teams! Keeping it in “the family?” Nice doing battle with you guys again 😉

Until next time, which is TBD… As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ted Nugent!



One thought on “Trivia Recap – June 26, 2019 – McShane’s Pub

  1. round one

    1. s’mores

    2. blue

    3. clint eastwood

    round two

    1. egypt

    2. vodka or gin

    3. petoskey stone, the legend of sleeping bear

    round three

    1. ted nugent

    2. south dakota

    3. cricket

    halftime  – Meat Loaf, Ice cube, the edge, flea

    round four

    1. java

    2. lumberjack

    3. room

    round five

    1. china

    2. kodiak

    3. arthur

    round six

    1. bermuda

    2. pinto

    3. california

    final answer: Metropolis

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