Fact Du Jour – June 26, 2019 – Top Cotton Producing Countries

If you’re like me and play a lot of pub trivia games, you probably try to remember some “mantras” during your trivia games like:

  • Everything’s bigger in Texas
  • If it’s a music question, the answer is *probably* an African American person
  • And most importantly? Everything’s bigger in China!

So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that China is, according to worldatlas.com, the world’s largest producer of cotton. Here’s a list of the top cotton producing countries in the world (in order):

China, India, United States, Pakistan, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Australia, Turkmenistan and Mexico.

Interesting side note about Uzbekistan? It USED to be the world’s top producer of cotton! The Soviet Union’s lust for producing cotton – aka white gold – helped lead to the eventual disappearance of the Aral Sea.


If you’re a trivia player, chances are you or someone on your team has made an effort to remember all of the countries that end in the letters “stan!”

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