What’s Better Than Winning A Game of “Name that Tune?”

Cost of going out for a night of “name that tune?” Maybe about $15-20 in food/drink money.

Top prize for winning a game of “name that tune?” Thirty bucks.

Being approached by a member of a team who lost out to your team months later (drum roll)?


Thanks to Facebook “memories,” I was reminded of the night that Kim, Angie, Angie’s sister Jenny and I won first place in a “name that tune” night at Mcshane’s Pub roughly two years ago today. Which was a fond memory, indeed! But it doesn’t beat what happened at a trivia game at Powell’s Pub in March, 2018, which you can read about here.


Kim, Jenny, Angie and I at that 2017 game at McShane’s Pub in Ypsilanti, MI.

OK…without burying the lede, or ignoring the “elephant in the room?” The absolute BEST part about that “name that tune night?” Bear with me…I almost feel bad sharing this (it’s not very politically correct):


A “white chick” beating out an African American man when it came to spotting the tune Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang! Yes…that was strangely… “satisfying” to me. It was during a “lightning” round at the end of the game where one person from each team all fought to be the first person to “spot” the songs that were played.

I shared this story with my husband last night, and he asked me how it was that I “recognized” the tune. I was hard-pressed to answer! I just..knew.

“I either know a tune in the first couple of seconds or I’m probably not going to know it at all,” I said. “But Jungle Boogie was used in Pulp Fiction and in Beerfest.”


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