I’m Hiring a “Field Correspondent”


I’m hiring a “guest writer!” As I post this, I wonder who will actually see this – AND be at the Sporcle Live state championship Saturday (in any state – not just Michigan)! Alas, I want to reach as MANY readers as possible. So here goes!

Hey trivia addicts! I’d like to think that if nothing else, I’ve become kind of an “enabler” of other fellow trivia addicts on my trivia team’s Facebook page over the past few years by providing recaps of the trivia games we play! Nearly three years ago, I started sharing game recaps on this blog site, too! That being said, I’m looking for a wily “field correspondent” to supply the questions from Saturday’s Sporcle Live state championship. This is not a paid gig, but your services will be greatly appreciated by me, my team and the more than 600 followers of my trivia team’s Facebook page (a handful of whom actually bother reading the trivia recaps – they’re a great sleep aid, if nothing else) as well as the 138 followers I have on this blog site. Typed questions are welcome, photos of handwritten questions can be “digitally” sent to me, pictures of category sheets with answers…please NO semaphore code! I only understand “Where’s the bathroom?” when presented to me in semaphore code! Anyone interested in the “job” please indicate so in the comments and we’ll make the appropriate arrangements (e-mails can be sent to hebspeaks@gmail.com, please note I seldom check that account). I am likely to notice a “comment” on this page before I bother checking that e-mail account. Experience not necessary. Thanks in advance, and good luck to all of the teams whom will be embroiled in what I believe will be cutthroat trivia competition on Saturday!


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