(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – June 12, 2019 – BJ’s Bar (Burton, MI)

Answers are in the comments.

Trivia players have many “reasons” for visiting a particular trivia spot. Maybe it’s close to home, maybe it’s a spot that you can easily bring a team every week, maybe the prizes are super sweet, maybe it’s a spot you can “win” for tournament purposes. There could also be a really “challenging” team playing in that trivia spot that you want to “take on” to see how you do against them. Maybe the place is doing a “theme” trivia night you’re interested in.

Then there are the times you check the “other” box for your reasons for visiting a trivia spot! Tuesday was one of those “other” nights for the ‘Pods, when we paid a visit to BJ’s Bar in Burton, MI, which is 67.2 miles away (per Google maps’ reckoning). Other than some slowdowns near Brighton and I-96, it was fairly smooth sailing driving there and back (yay for me trying to time the drive so as to miss “rush hour.”)

Burton, MI is Genesee county’s second most populous city, per Census estimates. It’s also a place where my grandparents lived for a couple of decades, a place where an aunt/uncle lived, a place where a great aunt/uncle lived, and a place where one of my aunts slung drinks for a living while raising two rambunctious boy cousins of mine as a single mother.

Which brings me to…BJs Bar! It is this bar where one of my “aunties” worked as a “barmaid.” Yes, that is what they used to call female bar servers back in the politically incorrect 1970s! This is why I wanted to play here…

The pinball machine I remember being there when I was 5 is no longer there, but I’m fairly certain the wood paneling behind the “bar” area is the same as it was in the 1970s! Another “thing” about BJ’s that is exactly the same as it was in the 1970s is its iconic sign:



BJ’s is located at the corner of Belsay and Lapeer Roads in Burton, MI. My mom had her first car accident here in the ’70s, when the cops showed up to take a police report, I thought they were going to put her in jail! She was driving a 1971 (?) Oldsmobile Delta ’88.

Yes, BJ’s is a “dive bar.” But the mostly older, blue-collar locals (most of whom seemed very friendly) LOVE this “dive bar!” It was fairly full on this trivia night – you would have had a hard time getting a table, though my husband and I easily found a couple of seats at the bar. I suspect a good number of the folks were probably retired auto workers (they seemed to be all over a question we had about automotive features). My uncle and great uncle who lived in Burton both worked for and retired from General Motors. Here’s a view of the interior of the bar:

2019-06-11 21.18.07.jpg

As for the game, we won a third place $30 prize – which is probably the most money we’ve ever won for third place…ever? The prizes at BJ’s are very generous – $50 for first, $40 for second, $30 for third. Had we won one of the larger prizes, we probably would have had to trade it with another team, since we only had a $16 bar tab before adding a BJ’s T-shirt for $15! And the shirt shows – what else – “dancing sandwiches” on the back!

2019-06-11 21.24.26.jpg

My husband is looking forward to wearing this shirt! Sorry this is blurry my tablet doesn’t have the best camera and I had to take this pic quickly…

We were only one point off from a perfect game after the first half, but flubbing EVERY question in round five nearly made me want to take a dive off the top of Kearsley Dam (ugh)! And the (abbreviated) questions…

Round One

1. Metaphors – What fruit name is often used in reference to defective/dud cars? 5

2. Chocolate – In the 1970s, Fry’s Creme Eggs changed their name, which referenced which British chocolatier? 3

3. Halls of Fame – Opening in 1900, which U.S. state is home to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans? Newsletter answer, 1.

Round Two

1. Religion – The Bishop of Rome is the more “proper” title for the religious leader more commonly known as what? 5

2. Inventions – What automotive feature was created in the 1940s by a blind mechanical engineer who became frustrated at his attorney slowing down and speeding up frequently while he drove and talked? 3

3. James Bond – What letter represents the James Bond character best known for saying the line, “Now pay attention?” Bonus three point question – which James Bond film was the only one featuring actor George Lazenby? Got this for 1 plus the three point bonus.

Round Three

1. Human Anatomy – Collectively called “ossicles,” where are the three smallest bones located in the human body? 5

2. Lakes – What is the only Great Lake that is located entirely in the United States?

3. Baseball – What former MLB player had 319 career home runs – the same as his father’s MLB record when he retired? Had a couple of “options” here, chose the wrong one, miss for 1.

Halftime – The Bird is the Word – All correct answers will have a bird name as part of the answer.

H1 – English entertainment reporter who hosted Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous from 1984 to 1995

H2 – Lifestyle clothing retailer which had its first store open in Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi in 1977

H3 – Last name of Atticus and his children in To Kill a Mockingbird

H4 – Name of Corellian freighter piloted by Han Solo in the 1977 film Star Wars

Got all of these…

Halftime scores: Nine teams, scores 26 to 39, with us (playing under the name Straight Outta Burton) tied with Burtucky House Movers for first.

Round Four

1. Shared Words – What theological “being” is mentioned in a 1968 Rolling Stones song title, the title of a 2006 comedy film starring Meryl Streep and an East coast NHL team 6

2. Alter Egos – What is the “stage” name of the former New York Dolls lounge singer best known for his hit song Hot, Hot Hot? 4

3. Literary Lines – Initially published in 31 weekly installments, what 1859 book ends with the line, “It is a far better rest that I go to than I have ever known?” A bit of “discussion,” but Mike and I landed on the right book, 2.

Round Five

We had a choice of these categories for the “you pick,” which were ’60s music, ’80s movies and 2010s TV. We picked ’80s movies, but were “outvoted” by this older crowd. Which would cause us to [SPOILER] blow big points…

1. ’60s Music – Leaving the band The Beatles to pursue a painting career, who was the original bassist for the band? Miss for 6. Talk about a Hard Day’s Night (groan)…

2. Employers – Employing 5,500 people when it opened in 1971, now paying $1 billion in payroll to its employees – what is the largest single site employer in the U.S. with 66,000 employees? The year “should” have been a clue for me, but we missed this for 2.

3. Company Names – Life’s Good is now used as LG’s slogan, but what did the LG originally stand for? I KNOW we’ve had this as a question in trivia games before, and we missed it this time – just like we missed it last time. Is this one of those things I’ll have to repeat after myself daily so as not to forget (LOL)! Miss for 4.

Yup…missed this whole round. I knew round five would be rough (maybe Aunt Anita’s ghost told me)…

Round Six

1. State Laws – What is the only U.S. state that does not have a primary or secondary law requiring drivers to wear seat belts? 6

2. Olympians – Karch Kiraly was the first American to win three gold medals in what sport? Miss for 2.

3. Math – What is the square root of 49? 4

Scores heading into the final: Eight teams, scores 32 to 67, with two teams tied in first. we were in third with 61 points.

Final Category – Magazine Firsts

Photographed by Annie Leibovitz while sitting in a burgundy velvet dress in the White House Red Room, which first lady was the first to be featured on the cover of Vogue because of her “Save America’s Treasures” campaign focusing on various historic sites in the Eastern U.S.?

We discussed this one quite a bit, and even discussed the woman who would have been correct. Missed this, but only wagered 45 points (all teams missed this, and all teams wagered “interestingly”):

Final standings:

Straight Outta Burton (‘Pods), 16; Scrappy, 28 and Shut the Hell Up, 42.

That’s it for this week’s “trivial pursuits.” Good luck to the teams vying for dominance Saturday at Sporcle Live’s state championship at the Sports Den in Northville! We didn’t make the cut this time… As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Hillary Clinton!








One thought on “(UPDATED WITH ANSWERS) Trivia Recap – June 12, 2019 – BJ’s Bar (Burton, MI)

  1. Round One

    1. lemon

    2. Cadbury

    3. NY

    Round Two

    1. Pope

    2. cruise control

    3. Q, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

    Round Three

    1. ear canal

    2. MIchigan

    3. Prince fielder
    Halftime – The Bird is the Word – All correct answers will have a bird name as part of the answer. Robin Leach, American Eagle, Finch, Millennium Falcon

    Round Four

    1. Devil

    2. Buster Poindexter
    3.A tale of two cities

    Round Five

    1. Stuart Sutcliffe

    2.Walt Disney World

    3. Lucky Goldstar

    Round Six

    1. New Hampshire
    2. Volleyball

    3. 7

    Photographed by Annie Leibovitz while sitting in a burgundy velvet dress in the White House Red Room, which first lady was the first to be featured on the cover of Vogue because of her “Save America’s Treasures” campaign focusing on various historic sites in the Eastern U.S.?
    Hillary Clinton

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