Today We Tried Winning At “Grocery Games!”

My husband and I did a grocery run today, and we were determined to do things “our way.” This blog is a follow-up to another blog I did a while back about the annoyance of grocery bagging at Kroger. We wanted to bag our own groceries, which Kroger kind of “discourages” in various ways. Ever try asking a grocery bagger to”step aside” so you can bag your own?” Ever try using your own bags at a Kroger self-checkout? It throws off the “system,” and then a clerk has to come assist you – which negates the whole…point of “self checkout.”  Here’s what we did today to avoid the hassles:

2019-06-10 16.54.51.jpg

We set all of our stuff on the “platform,” then bagged everything ourselves. Worked like a charm, though the customers waiting behind us might have been a tad bit annoyed. Guess you can’t win ALL of your grocery battles!


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