Quiz About People and Things Named…Dick!


I posted this meme recently on Facebook and it got a lot of…responses! It’s kind of a pop culture quiz – in a way – because some folks are likely too young to know who Dick Van Dyke is! For me, my knowledge is “generational crossover” knowledge. He was more from my mom’s “era,” but because of Nick At Night – and because of the movie Mary Poppins – I know who Dick Van Dyke is! I might be hard pressed to know much of anything about the Dick Van Dyke Show without asking my mom, but he’s not off my pop culture radar! When someone talks about something off my pop culture radar, I tell them:


Flip Wilson was off my trivia team’s pop culture radar in a trivia game in 2018! Read more about that in this blog.

But let’s get back to the subject of “Dick,” shall we? All right, get those minds out of the gutter! The following quiz will about people and things named Dick (or variations thereof including the letters DICK). If the answer requires the name of a person named Dick, please include both the first and last name. And off to the races…

Quiz About People and Things Named Dick

Answers will be in the comments.

1. Guitarist Dickey Betts is one of the founding members of what band whose hits include Ramblin’ Man, among others?

2. Science fiction author Philip K. Dick wrote Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, which was adapted into what blockbuster film? Bonus – what film was adapted from the Dick novel We Can Remember It For You Wholesale?

3. The 1999 comedy film Dick featured Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst and its title centers around what real-life person?

4. In England, what would a person be referring to if they mentioned “Spotted Dick?” Multiple choice -A. One of the Queen’s Welsh corgis, B. a Scotland Yard detective C. A venereal disease symptom or D. a dessert?

5. On what series which ran from 1982 to 1990 would you find a character named Dick Loudon?

6. Within one decade, in what decade did Dick Tracy make its debut in comics? Bonus – what was the name of Dick Tracy’s longtime girlfriend?

7. Actor Ronny Cox plays a villainous businessman named Dick Jones in what 1987 action/sci fi film that spawned a couple of sequels – and a 2014 remake?

8. In what U.S. capital city would you find a soccer stadium called Dick’s Sporting Goods Park? Hint – the MLS team with the nickname “Rapids” plays its home games here.

9. The Scott Foresman characters Dick and Jane made their debut in what decade – within one?

10. The 2005 film remake Fun with Dick and Jane featured Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni as the title characters. Name at least one of the actors playing Dick or Jane in the original 1977 film.

Mystery – Birthdays – Identify the celebrities based on the following clues and their birthdays

M1 – Actor born Dec. 21, 1965 whose credits include The Ben Stiller Show and News Radio

M2 – Sportscaster born Jan. 9, 1935 (died in 2017) whose catchphrases included “Touch ’em all” and “Oh my.”

M3 – Talk show host born Nov. 19, 1936

M4 – American actor, singer, dancer born Dec. 13, 1925

Final Category – Baby Names

The name “Dick” peaked in popularity as a baby boy’s name in 1934, when it was #138 in overall popularity according to the Social Security Index. Name any three boy’s baby names appearing in the top 10 in popularity for the year 1934 (not counting Richard).




One thought on “Quiz About People and Things Named…Dick!

  1. 1. Allman Brothers Band

    2. Blade Runner, Total Recall

    3. Richard Nixon

    4. D- dessert

    5 Newhart

    6. 1930s

    7. Robocop

    8. Denver

    9. 1930s

    10. George Segal, Jane Fonda

    M1 – Andy Dick

    M2 – Dick Enberg

    M3 – Dick Cavett

    M4 – Dick Van Dyke

    Final Category – Baby Names

    Robert, James, John, William, Donald, Charles, Thomas, Joseph

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