Recalibrating Next Week’s Trivia Plans (Week of June 10)

Trivia plans for next week are… still up in the air. My Monday crew members (Mike and Brad) and Wednesday and/or Thursday crew member (Evan) have all said they would like to take next week off from trivia games. What kind of trivia cap’n would I be if I told them “no?”

Also, that old friend from high school is not available to play Tuesday night at that dive bar in Burton I’ve been Jonesing to visit. I don’t know why, but doing a trivia game in a place near where I grew up is on my “bucket list!” The thought of beating people in a trivia game whom I went to high school with is something that just really, really appeals to me. Come on – tell me I’m not the only one who’s “fantasized” about this, am I?

Those who know me best will probably know that I DON’T WANT TO TAKE A WEEK OFF FROM TRIVIA!

What would Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park have to say about that?


Rest assured, I’ll be going out for SOME trivia game next week! Even if it’s by myself…

On the horizon will be a “girls’ night” of trivia. I’ve already brought up the subject to one of my main female trivia “pardners,” and she said she’s been Jonesing for that “Boy Blue” hard cider at Original Gravity, so a game there is definitely in the works! Though I don’t plan to play at this spot anymore as a “team” thing, “special engagements” at Original Gravity are NOT being ruled out!

I’ll try getting the ‘Pods back on a “schedule” starting the following week, and Monday games at Sticks will continue, with the other nights being “wild cards” depending upon mine and Evan’s work schedules, “special engagements” (girls’ nights, theme nights, etc.), moon phases, etc.

And that’s all I’ve gotta say about that! Stay tuned for further updates!


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