So I “Tried” To Be a “Cool” Trivia Captain (sigh)…

Last night, I half jokingly suggested our team take a little trip to a strip club after our semifinals game Saturday, which is going to be at a bar kitty corner from the Deja Vu club in Ypsilanti, MI.

One of my players was very excited about the idea! Evan said he was a go…

Mike – my husband? Says “no go.”

“I’m not a gynecologist, I don’t need things shoved in my face,” he said. Even after I told him that there would likely be no cover charge for the time time we’d be visiting.

I’m not going to fight him on this! But seriously…what madness IS this? A wife not only giving her husband free reign to go to “Club Sleaze” – but also saying SHE wants to go, too? And getting turned down?

Maybe Evan will stop in anyway! He told me that he spotted another trivia player in there a few years ago – and he was READING A BOOK while a show was being performed on stage! He told me this story when he saw this player at a game at Oscar’s in Saline, this is a player we’ve bestowed with various “nicknames,” mainly because of his…facial hair.

“Funny,” I said when Evan told the story to me. “I can’t believe he managed to tear himself away from trivia games long enough to go do this.”

“Maybe he was celebrating?” Evan said.

Speaking of celebrating, maybe we’ll have to get some ice cream after our game Saturday! But only if we win (sprinkles are for winners)!

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