It’s Been A Whole Week – I Feel Like Trivia Tonight!

My “normal” trivia  night  was  Monday, which  was  canceled  for  Memorial  Day. After  attending  our niece’s graduation  party in Houghton, MI (the fifth most populous  city  in  the Upper  Peninsula  of Michigan behind  Marquette, Sault  Ste. Marie, Escanaba  and Menominee), we made our way  to St. Ignace, where  a motel  reservation  awaited us. That was how I spent Memorial  Day – mostly trapped  in  a  car…

We *thought*  about  playing  Wednesday  at The Owl, but my husband  and I were still too pooped  from  all of that traveling! So I called  it  off. We may revisit  Milan Friday  for the fireworks  display ( haven’t  decided  yet).

Now, I’m  just attempting  to recover  some hit points before  my trivia  “date” with Kim  tonight  at Haymaker. The “theme” will be ’80s music. I’m  not  gonna  lie – a prize  tonight  would  be pretty  damn  nice! I nearly singlehandedly  won a ’80s movie theme  night  by myself in July, 2018, and played on a “dream  team” that won  first in a ’80s music trivia  night  in February, 2017.

I’ve  proven  that I know a couple  of things  about  the decade  of the 1980s, let’s  see if I can “bring it” tonight!

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