Weird To Be Packing For a “Motel” Trip…

I’ve become quite the “pro” at using every nook, cranny and space in the car to pack a car for cabin/camping trips. It almost feels strange to just have to pack clothing, toiletries and a small amount of food/booze for our three day, two night trip to the U.P. My husband made some sandwiches earlier, so we can have lunch on the road Sunday. Since he used to work at Arby’s, I’ve decreed that he’s the “sandwich artist” in our house! He enjoys it and takes pride in his handiwork! We picked up some sliced deli turkey and white American cheese and guacamole – and ciabatta bread. How fancy, right? It’ll be cheaper – and healthier than stopping at Culver’s!

I’m almost in withdrawal – I don’t need to pack water containers, sleeping bags or our “Six Demon Bag.” What’s a “Six Demon Bag,” you ask? If you’ve seen Big Trouble in Little China, you might already know. It’s just our basic bag that we keep “camp” things in – firestarters, lighters, tent mallet, hammer, dryer lint, tablecloth clips, duct tape and other assorted “essential” stuff to have around a camp or cabin site. The poor thing will be sitting lonely and unneeded in the garage…


This must have been a cabin trip – we packed a roll of T.P. “just in case” the outhouse didn’t  have one! Or was this a modern camping trip (vis a vis the extension cord)?  Boots mean it wasn’t a summer trip. That green bag probably has towels and shower gear in it. Questions abound!  Ah…now I remember – October, 2018 cabin trip to Harrisville/Tawas Point State Parks.

Neither of the motels in which we’ll be staying will have swimming pools, so no swimming gear. We’ll have a microwave, coffee maker and fridge, so we can “kind of” cook some food, so I have a couple of “real” plates and some plastic forks packed and a couple of unbreakable cups.

I remembered to pack a pair of slippers, since I think it’s….gross – to walk around on hotel carpet barefooted. I’m sure this is a well-founded sense of “ick.” Keep in mind that the ONE time I braved taking a shower in a campground without flip flops? Yup….foot fungus! This is a rational fear, folks!

I’ll also be bringing along one piece of gear on this trip that I’ve never brought on any road trip before. Reading glasses. I found out in October, 2017 when we took a road trip to Virginia that I was starting to have trouble reading finer print on road maps. And also a couple of months ago when I had to read the numbers on my cell phone’s SIM card (those numbers are super tiny – my husband took off his glasses so he could read them to me).  My mom gave a few pairs of reading glasses to me that she says aren’t as strong as the ones she needs. I tried them out earlier while I looking at a map in the car, and..they work! Now all I need is a string on them to complete my “old lady” look! Ugh…


download (5).jpg

There’s a park in Marquette I’d really like to visit if we have time – Presque Isle/Blackrocks. I’ve heard the sunset views there are AMAZING. Great rocky cliff views and a chance to see Lake Superior do her wild dance. Can’t wait! There is also a brewery downtown called…Blackrocks! I’ve heard their beers are quite good. And looking at their price list – $3.50 to $5.50? All signs point to “yes!”


This is not my photo, but if we stop there, I’ll be taking some of my own! My niece has attended cross country meets at this park!

There’s a B-dubs across the street from our motel if we want to wander in for nightcaps. How terribly adventurous of us to cross U.S. 41! Maybe we can play a little Buzztime trivia!

Our second night will be in St. Ignace, where I hope to catch a glimpse of a Mackinac Island ferry or two. Maybe stop in at the Driftwood (a sports bar/motel). We killed the keg of their Cheboygan Lighthouse Amber a few years ago while watching a soccer match! They had a very nice three-season patio setup, where you could look out at the lake – and also catch a game while outside.

Isn’t it amazing how many fond memories are tied to beer? Here’s to more potential memories in the next couple of days!

Oh yes, and Anabel’s graduation party on Monday! Congrats to her…


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