Three Years Ago Today, I Had A Nightmare About Spiders!

How in the world would I remember some of the things that have happened to me without “Facebook Memories?”

Here’s the Facebook post, copied and pasted:

Had my first real nightmare in a long time Saturday night. Earlier that evening, Mike and I were sitting on the patio at the Ypsi Alehouse, and there were lots and lots of spiders just hanging out along the fence, traversing their webs, building webs, being spiders. Mike was marveling at them, commenting on their little turf wars (he absolutely loves spiders). Later that night, I dreamed I was pulling HUGE spiders out of my hair. Those little buggers got into my subconscious!


This is an orb spider who briefly lived by our back porch light in September, 2018. She was fascinating to watch – my husband used to hang out with her and watched her hunt and wrap up her prey just like Shelob in the Lord of the Rings movies!

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