Going Back To Pentwater, MI This Weekend!

Almost five years ago, my husband and I paid a visit to Pentwater, MI – a village with an estimated population of about 857 people (per the 2010 Census). It’s located on the west coast of Michigan on Lake Michigan (about halfway up the “mitten”). It becomes pretty “touristy” in the summer months, drawing vacationers from within Michigan itself – and also Chicagoans.

2019-05-15 11.06.37.jpg

Pentwater, MI is located where that red tear drop thingie is (but you knew that, right)?

In June, 2014 – Sam –  a dear friend of ours – was getting married to his beloved fiancée Angela at a beach house just a little north of Pentwater. Since it was a time-share, the timing was a bit…odd! The wedding took place on a Thursday afternoon – and the weather was…absolutely perfect! The sun was shining, there was no precipitation – and it wasn’t too hot. The best part of the day? The “beach casual” dress code!



I was pretty busy taking photos of everyone else on this day (at Sam and Angela’s request). I found this selfie from that day of my husband and I – which is the only photo of me from this day in which I don’t look TOO horrible (florals are NOT flattering on me…AT ALL)! But then, I was not among the “stars” of the day. Those roles were played perfectly by Sam and Angela!

Though the day of the wedding was just about perfect in every way – the days leading up this wedding – and the days after the wedding – uh, not so much! The day we drove out to Pentwater, I was pretty beat from having worked an overnight shift at work – and was feeling very tired, cranky and stressed out. My attempts to get sleep during the day – when I got home – were unsuccessful. It’s rough fighting your “internal clock!” Added to that was a violent thunderstorm, which pushed us off the highway near Portland, MI (between Lansing and Grand Rapids). Trying to make the most of it, we hit up a Chinese buffet restaurant in Portland and had a little dinner while the storm calmed itself the f— down a bit! We learned that it’s not a bad little spot to stop and eat on road trips “out west” (and reasonably priced, too)!

Our “destination” was Mears State Park in Pentwater, where we were going to camp for three nights. We were pretty worried we’d have to set up our tent in the rain. That was not to be – as the storm subsided – giving way to cleared skies, a complete lack of bugs (they were temporarily displaced from the storm) – and an absolutely stunning sunset! How stunning? Other people ogling the sunset applauded when it was over. And this is why…


Not long before this photo was taken, this poor seagull was probably huddling for shelter somewhere!

When we visited this town for the first time in 2014, I was immediately smitten – and vowed to try coming back sometime! In two days, that “sometime” will be “now” – with my husband and I paying a visit to mark our 22nd wedding anniversary. Only this time, we won’t be sleeping in a tent. I’m really excited about being able to sleep in a “pop up” for the first time (these are photos taken of my computer screen so you will see “artifacts” in the images):



No, it’s not the Hilton – but for us, it’s “luxury camping” –  it has a hot plate AND a microwave – and heat/air conditioning. The state park rents these for about $58 per night. The restrooms (with showers) are not too far away. More importantly? The beach isn’t far away. What’s MOST important? Me not sleeping on the ground! I’m not quite old enough to NOT be able to do that anymore, but it has lost its “charm” a bit. It will also be nice to have a sheltered area from rain and a place to just “hang out.”

When I get back from this trip, I’ll be sure to post a blog about it!




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