A Trivia Quiz About Booze!

Here’s a trivia quiz about all things…booze! Have fun – it may be helpful if you’re enjoying a drink while attempting to answer these questions, but it’s not necessary! Answers are in the comments.

1. Slang Terms – What seven-letter term describes an oversized can of beer, wine cooler, hard seltzer or other such things of (typically) 12 ounces or more?

2. Generic Terms – What is the two-word generic term for typically lower-priced, high-proof clear alcoholic beverages that go by the brand names “Everclear,” among other brand names?

3. Flavors – What two types of alcoholic beverages are involved in making a “Boilermaker?”

4. Beer – What specific type of beer – which is a popular variety of “craft” beer –  was originally brewed by the British for purposes of being able to withstand long boat voyages when traveling to India?

5. Beer Jingles – What beer used the jingle “Head for the mountains?”

6. Cheap Wine -What specific type of fortified wine was favored by Fred Sanford on Sanford and Son?

7. Cheap Wine Part 2 – What fortified wine brand name is also a song title on the Guns ‘n Roses album Appetite for Destruction?

8. Song Titles – What cover song with an alcoholic beverage in its title hit #1 on the U.S. Hot 100 charts in 1983? Bonus – who originally recorded that song?

9. ’80s Advertisements – What company used a pair of older men in its 1980s TV advertisements, where they typically closed out the ads saying “Thank you for your support?”

10. Movie Scenes – In what 2007 comedy film starring Seann William Scott and Billy Bob Thornton does Amy Poehler’s character say while on an airplane – “Could I get a real bottle? I’m an alcoholic – not a Barbie doll” when she is given an “airline” sized bottle of alcohol?

11. Movies About Beer – In what 2006 comedy film do the Academy Award winning actors Monique and Cloris Leachman both appear? Note – Monique was NOT an Oscar winner when this movie was released, but won her Oscar for her performance in a film released later…

12. The Simpsons – When Homer Simpson becomes a bootlegger after Springfield enacts prohibition, what object does he use to transport booze to Moe’s Tavern? Multiple choice – gallon jugs, bowling balls, Lisa’s saxophone case or the school bus?

13. Actors – What actor was featured in ads for Paul Masson wine in the late 1970s with the drunken “outtakes” later going viral?

14. Wineries – What singer is the owner of the Ciccone winery located north of Traverse City, MI?

15. Same Letters – What mint-flavored liqueur’s brand name shares its first six letters with the name of a diminutive fairy tale character who grants wishes to other characters – usually at great (and often tragic) costs to the characters? Note – though all of the letters shared are the same – the order may not be the same in both names.

16. Actors – What actor appeared in and sang in advertisements for Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers in the late 1980s, which included the jingle “It’s wet and it’s dry?”

17. Mascots – Pawtucket Pat is the mascot for a fictional beer company on what animated series?

18. Same Name – What is the shared name of a 1994 single by the Cranberries and a highly potent “tiki” cocktail? Bonus – this cocktail typically contains various juices, liqueurs and multiple varieties of what specific type of liquor?


Be sure to try one of these sometime! Best if you don’t have to drive!

19. Ingredients – A “brass monkey” is typically made with malt liquor and what type of fruit juice? Bonus – what hip-hop band had a song named for this drink on an album released in 1986?

20. Beer Names – What six-letter German beer style beginning with the letter “K” is top fermented, conditioned at cold temperatures (similar to a lager) and is typically served very cold – and in a cylindrical glass called a “stange” in German?

Mystery – Visual – Identify the common names of the serving glasses/vessels seen below – or name the specific type of alcoholic drink typically served in them (be as specific as you can – don’t just say “wine” or “beer”).

Glass #1:↓


Glass #2:↓


Glass #3: ↓


Glass #4: ↓


Final Category – Lakes

Craig Lake State Park in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan once served as the private “retreat” of the Miller beer brewing family before being sold to the state. The lakes named “Craig” and “Teddy” are named for Frederick Miller’s sons. One of the other lakes located in their private retreat (though not currently located within the boundaries of the state park) shares its name with a specific variety of Miller beer. What is the name of that lake?







One thought on “A Trivia Quiz About Booze!

  1. Answers:

    1. tallboy

    2. grain alcohol

    3. beer and whiskey

    4. IPA (India Pale Ale)

    5. Busch

    6. Ripple

    7. Nighttrain

    8. Red, Red Wine, Neil Diamond

    9. Bartles and  Jaymes

    10. Mr. Woodcock

    11. Beerfest

    12. Bowling Ball

    13. Orson Welles

    14. Madonna

    15. Rumplemintz/Rumpelstiltskin

    16. Bruce Willis

    17. Family Guy

    18. Zombie, Rum

    19. orange juice

    20. kolsch

    Mystery – Brandy snifter, pilsner, margarita, moscow mule

    Final answer: High Life Lake (yes it’s a real lake)! 

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