Bob Fosse – Victim – And Perpetrator Of Sexual Assault?

In the  most  recent  episode of Fosse  Verdon, TV viewers  learn  that  Broadway  choreographer  Bob  Fosse  was  a  victim  of  sexual  assault. By two aggressive  female burlesque  dancers. This  scene  occurred  when  he  and  some  male  friends  shared  stories  of  losing their  virginity. And though  Fosse  shares  the  experience with the guys, it’s  apparent  to  TV viewers  that  this  occurred  without  his  consent. He was  a teenager  at the time.

“I was just sitting  there  minding  my  own  business – and they  took turns  with me,” he said.

I’m  paraphrasing  with  the  quotes  but  the  message  was  clear. He was assaulted.

Before  you  feel  too sorry  for  him, keep  in  mind  a young  female  dancer  had  to  make him  kiss  the  pavement  to ward  off his  sexual  advances. And Bob Fosse was  nearly  as  well known  for  his  womanizing  as  his  multiple  creative  pursuits.

What  if his assault  by  the  aggressive  female  burlesque  dancers  had  gone  to trial? Here’s  what  I’d  say  to  the  jury:

“Does  a man’s erection  constitute  sexual  consent?”

It does NOT! Just because  it’s  standing  at  attention  it doesn’t  mean  it’s  ready  for  battle!

Fosse’s mistress Ann Reinking and his wife Gwen Verdon   ( whom  he never  divorced) were  actually  great  friends with each  other.

Yes, really !


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