My Dumbest Moment From Wednesday’s Trivia Game (Had Nothing To Do With The Questions)

I had a little freak-out when I was getting ready to cash out last night at a bar during a trivia game! I COULD NOT FIND MY DEBIT CARD! I searched the normal places it lives…it wasn’t there! I just had the damned thing replaced about two months ago, and…

Then I remembered I gave my card to the bar staff so that I could open a tab!


Is it just me, or does Phileas Fogg look kind of pervy?

Still, I felt a lot more dumb putting down “180 days” as my answer to the Jules Verne question we had about Phileas Fogg and the length of his hot-air balloon adventure (never misspelling his name again)! I know the names of *most* movies that have won the Oscar for best picture, and that’s one of them. My brain must’ve been floating around in that hot air balloon – or a giant Kraken must’ve been sucking the juice from my brain in those moments! Gah….

Quick question, though…is there a “porno” version of this movie? There HAS to be!

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