Trivia Recap – May 3, 2019 – (Simpsons Theme Night)

Sometimes you can just tell – before you even start playing a game – that you’re not going to win a trivia game. I just had a feeling another team in the room was going to take the “big prize” at a trivia theme night Thursday at Haymaker Ann Arbor. I can’t even quite explain it – I just…knew! And true enough, Egg Council Creeps wound up winning first place ($100 gift card). Who can name three of the “Seven Duffs” whom were introduced in season 4? They could!

Shout out to the team Egg Council Creeps for taking first place in the Simpsons theme trivia night at Haymaker Ann Arbor Thursday! We were among the teams vying for the “big prize” as well, but our efforts turned out to be…cromulent. Not sure if I”m using this word correctly or not, maybe Miss Hoover could tell me!


We pretty much sealed our fate in the game when we blew 10 points on a question about Lisa’s first word. We put down one of the words she said in a flashback episode when she was a baby, but not the right word. There were definitely some “deep cuts” among the questions, including knowing both the dollar amount paid – and the number of hours worked –  by Lionel Hutz when he babysat the Simpsons children in the episode Marge on the Lam. Did you know how much Marge Simpson was in the hole when she was on Jeopardy?

And onto our next episode of Eye on Springfield….trivia edition! I will add some extra “bonus” questions of my own on some of these…(I will indicate any bonus points offered to players in the game):

Game One

1. Birthday – What name is engraved on the bowling ball that Homer gives Marge for her birthday? BONUS – What was the name of the bowling instructor who tried wooing Marge in this episode – and what actor provided his voice? We got this for 10.

2. You Don’t Win Friends With Salad – What animal does Lisa see at the petting zoo that makes her refuse to eat the meat of that animal for dinner? BONUS – What character in this episode refers to himself as the “Fifth Beatle?” Got this for 9.

3. Side Hustles – Lionel Hutz babysits the Simpson kids in the episode Marge on the Lam. How many hours does he watch the kids – and how much money was he paid? BONUS – What specific food does Chief Wiggum  cook on the engine of a police cruiser in this episode? Miss for one.

4. Siblings – In what city does Homer’s half-brother Herb Powell live? 8 BONUS – What invention does Herb successfully market in the episode Brother Can You Spare Two Dimes?

5. Puppies – Of the 25 greyhound puppies that he kidnaps from the Simpsons, Mr. Burns’ favorite is “Little Monty” – because of his resemblance to what actor? BONUS – What animal hide is Burns’ vest made of and is referenced in the song See My Vest? 7

6. You May Remember Me From – Troy McClure does NOT appear in which of the following fictional films – Electric Gigolo, Alice Doesn’t Live Anymore, Death Blow or Calling All Quakers? 2 (should have wagered higher, but the two of us didn’t agree on the answer).  BONUS – Name either specific title of either of the two driver’s ed videos Troy McClure has appeared in.

7. New Names – What object inspires Homer to change his name to “Max Power?” 6 BONUS – What is the name of the fictional TV show mentioned in this same episode which prompts Homer to change his name?

8. Con Artists – Where is Lyle Lanley, the smooth-talking monorail salesman planning to run off with the $3 million he bilked from Sprinfieldians? 3 BONUS – Name all three of the cities that previously received monorail systems before Springfield received its monorail.

9. R & R – Name two of the three menu items Marge orders from room service when she visits Rancho Relaxo. The original question asked for three, but the host only required two of the things. BONUS – Name the third thing. DOUBLE BONUS – What was the four-letter call symbol of the radio station servicing Rancho Relaxo? Got this for 4. Would have wagered higher had we known we only needed to name two things instead of three before turning it in(d’oh)!

10. Educators – Homer calls Bart’s teacher by what other name before learning her name was actually Krapappel? BONUS – What member of Aerosmith does Mrs. Krabappel flirt with in the Flaming Moe’s episode? Missed this one for 5.

Mystery – Treehouse of Horror

M1 – What three words does Bart say to Homer when he receives a Krusty the Clown doll in “Clown Without Pity?”

M2 – In a parody of Nightmare on Elm Street, what character is the first to be killed?

M3 – No TV and No Beer make Homer (something something)? What are the two somethings?

M4 – Kang and Kodos impersonate two politicians in an attempt to become president of the U.S. and gain control of Earth?

Missed #1.

Scores at the half: Shelbyville Sharks, 28; Flaming Moes, 29; Homerotic Trivia Montage, 45; I Have Soiled Myself – How Embarrassing (‘Pods), 55; I Bet My Wookiee, Moleman in the Morning and Egg Council Creeps were all tied for first with 60.

Game Two

1. First Words – In Lisa’s First Word, we learn that Bart’s first words were Ay Caramba! What were the first words uttered by Maggie and Lisa – respectively? Miss for 10. BONUS – What celebrity provided Maggie’s voice in this episode?

2. Cocktails -The Flaming Moe was originally a concoction made by Homer that included what specific thing in addition to the last drops of liquor from nearly empty bottles? 9 BONUS – which rock band does Krusty ask the change the lyrics of one of their songs to make it less racy?

3. Game Shows – Within $100, how much was Marge in the hole at the end of her Jeopardy! appearance? Miss for 1. I have a head for quotes and celebrity names, NOT numbers!

4. Pets – What does Bart name the two lizards that hatch from what he thought were bird eggs? Miss for 2. BONUS – What does Bart do to make him caretaker of the eggs?

5. Literature – After being fired as principal, Seymour Skinner plans to write a novel about a futuristic amusement park with cloned dinosaurs. What is his title of that novel? Close but no cigar, miss for 3. BONUS – what Simpsons character expresses disdain for Skinner’s proposed title of that book?

6. Wardrobe – What is Homer wearing around his waist when the madame of La Maison Derriere visits the Simpsons home to inform him that Bart damaged her property? BONUS – Which actress provides the voice of the madame? Missed this for 4, though our guess was close…

7. Any Last Requests – To stall for time in the Cape Feare episode, Bart asks Sideshow Bob to sing the entire score of what opera? 8 BONUS – What new last name do the Simpsons use in this episode after being placed in the Witness Protection Program?

8. Food – What food item does Homer purchase and wash down with crab juice while his car is illegally parked in New York City? BONUS – What is the first and last name of the police officer mentioned in the phone recording when Homer calls the police department to inquire about his car?  Got this…

9. Songs – What song does Barry White sing to draw the snakes to 742 Evergreen Terrace in the Whacking Day episode? 6 BONUS – What real-life author is the author of the fictional book called The Truth About Whacking Day? Got this for 6.

10. Troublemaking – Bart sparks international controversy when he racks up a bill for collect call to Australia while asking about what? Got this for 5. BONUS – What is the name of the ambassador voiced by Phil Hartman in this episode? DOUBLE BONUS – This episode parodied a real life incident involving a public caning which occurred in what Asian country?

Mystery – Poochie’s Rap – Fill in the blanks in the following song about the Itchy and Scratchy character Poochie

The name’s Poochie and I rock the telly I’m half Joe Camel and a third (BLANK) I’m the (BLANK) hippie from (BLANK) city I’m a rappin’ (BLANK) you the fool I pity?

No teams were able to get more than the first clue on this one…

Scores: Shelbyville Sharks, 55; Flaming Moes, 56; I Have Soiled Myself…How Embarrassing, (‘Pods) 97; Homerotic Trivia Montage, 94; Bet My Wookiee, 105; Moleman in the Morning, 114 and Egg Council Creeps, 117.

Final Category – Mascots

The Seven Duffs are mascots for Duff Beer, all with descriptive names similar to Disney’s Seven Dwarfs. Three of the seven Duff mascots’s names were NOT revealed during the first 10 seasons. Name the foru whose names were revealed when they appeared at Duff Gardens when Selma took the kids to the theme park.

Got two, but not three (though we were “trying” to think of the right word).

Game winners – Bet My Wookiee, 85; Egg Council Creeps, 147. Wagering zero would have gotten us second – but we don’t tend to EVER wager zero in theme night trivia! Oh well, we knew quite a bit about the topics they asked about, but not “the” things they wanted. It was fun battling a completely different set of trivia questions!

Until next time, which will be Monday. We’ve played the past two weekends in MTL games, and are looking forward to an obligation free weekend! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Leopold the assistant superintendent!


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