No…Just NO!

I walked  into  a  trivia  tournament  Saturday  with a “green” trivia  team  who  had  never  played  a  regional  tourney and we finished  fourth out  of 40 teams  in  the  room.

Time  to stop  ignoring  the  cephalopod  in  the  room?

We  were  not  a  team  of  frequent prize winners. We were not  a “ringer” team. I took  a bunch  of  newbies  to  their first  ” big  dance” … and I believed in  them…  and  encouraged  them. And helped carry  them  to  the brink  of glory. Took  them  under  my wing…tentacles?

We bested  quite  a  lot  of  great  teams  in  the  room that day. Fuck you,  hater  woman. I’m  coming  for  you… don’t  be  a bitch to a bitch.

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