Happy Walpurgis Night! AKA “Halloween in Spring”

Tonight is “Walpurgis Night,” which essentially means nothing if you live in the United States – unless you happen to dig obscure pagan holidays that have a connection to witchcraft (guilty)! You COULD call it “Halloween in Spring,” if you like. Which wouldn’t fly in the U.S. Why? Americans couldn’t handle a second Halloween, and it would compete too much with Easter, which is much, much more “kid friendly” than Walpurgis Night. It it were up to me? I’d say the more Halloweens, the merrier! How about one per month? Hmmm, what costume do I wear THIS month?

It is kind of a huge deal in Europe, however, especially among students. We’re talking 8-meter high bonfires on mountaintops! Sign me up! PLEASE INVITE ME TO YOUR MOUNTAINTOP BONFIRE!!!

That said, here’s a link to an article that is much, much better than any blog I could do about Walpurgis Night.yeahbaby.jpg

This is how I feel about 8-foot tall bonfires on mountaintops!

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