Trivia Recap – April 28, 2019 – MTL Finals (Sneaky’s Woodhaven, MI)

Saturday marked the seventh time I’d ever set foot inside a metro Detroit-area bar/restaurant for purposes of competing in a My Trivia Live finals championship. Out of those tournaments, we finished in the “swag” zone four times, placed first once and walked away without any prizes (cash or swag) twice.

The past two MTL finals featured my husband and I playing as “guests” of a barhop team called We Concur (December, 2018) and on Saturday, I was a “guest” of the Canton-based team called The Squirrels. I had an absolute blast playing with this team! For a team visiting their very first finals to finish in the top five AND get a tough final question correct? Go ahead and nitpick if you like – these players were ALL winners in my book! This was probably the best time I’ve ever had playing in ANY finals tournament. Yes the stakes were high – and yes, I was a bit frazzled when I got out of my car (vodka soda STAT!), and yes, there were those tense “fingers crossed” moments – but each of us four all had a part to play. Greg was all over a Nixon-era politics question – Laura was the point woman for our questions about the “Jesus Lizard” and about a cheese-inspired painting – Brian didn’t disappoint when we had a rapper/athlete question. As for me? I just did my best to help answer some of the other questions (though we did make some flubs)! Through it all, we were goofy – and supportive of each other (honestly I don’t know how many more “warm fuzzy” moments in trivia games I can take, LOL)! Perhaps, on some cosmic level –  I was overdue for some nastiness hurled at me by a player on another team after the game… I mean…I MUST have done SOMETHING to deserve it, right (nothing happens in a vacuum)?  Maybe some folks find it empowering to be mean-spirited and petty to other people (honestly I can’t even fathom that kind of mentality). I know trivia can be a competitive “sport,” and it can bring out the worst in people (oy)!


My “Squirrels” teammates engage in a flight of fancy (I had already left before this photo was taken)! Maybe one day they will get to take REAL checks home (I have faith in them)! I still have ours from the July, 2017 finals in the car hole:


My team in  July, 2017 at Applebee’s in Taylor, MI. They let us keep the check because they were changing their logo on the oversized checks after the tourney. It’s in the garage behind the cornhole set.

Trivia competition can be cutthroat – AND fun! A player named Mike B. on a rival team kept pestering me about what our team’s scores were at the half, after found five… But my lips were SEALED (I told him NOTHING)! And I made sure to cover my scratch paper to ensure he couldn’t see any revealing info (this guy cracks me up – and I have nothing but the utmost respect and admiration for him). As for his teammates? No comment! I’m a firm believer in the adage, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” With the added qualifier: “If you ARE going to say something not nice about someone, then don’t use their name!” And that’s all I gotta say about that…

Special thanks to my own “trivia pardner”/husband Mike – who tagged along with me and played with some other “orphans” at the bar. A player from the Burton, MI bar B.J.s kind of became his “buddy” during the game! Also, I’m pleased to announce that Mike is now the official “scribe” for our trivia team! He will be in charge of writing down the game questions from here on out, and I’ll get to handle the score sheets and game slips. His neat handwriting and very precise notes make him an ideal candidate for the job! Now to read his notes…

Round One

1. Coding – What is commonly called #2 in the U.S. and “HB” in the rest of the world? 5

2. Philosophers – The Right to Die Hemlock Society took its name in honor of what philosopher? 3


I LOVE any excuse to use a Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure photo with a trivia recap!

3. ’70s Music – What 1974 #1 hit includes references to nursery rhymes including “Hey Diddle Diddle” and “Little Boy Blue” in its chorus? Missed this on a virtual coin toss for for 1.

Round Two

1. Quiz Shows – Beginning in April, 2019, what is the first name of the Jeopardy! contestant who obliterated records, etc. including a one-day record total several times? 5

2. White House – What nickname was given by Nixon to a covert unit whose job was to stop leaks of classified information such as the Pentagon Papers? Greg slam dunked this one for 3.

3. Animals – The Central American basilisk lizard is sometimes nicknamed the “Jesus Lizard” because of its ability to do what? Laura for the point, 1.

Round Three

1. States – To avoid confusion with a Canadian Maritime province, what is the only state to change its two-letter postal abbreviation? 5

2. 2010s Movies – What 2010 film features creatures such as Gronckles, Baby Nadders and Night Furies? Miss for 1, we went with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I.

3. The Body – By definition, what part of the body has exactly three ossicles? 3.

Halftime – This Day in History (April 27)

H1 – 1861 – Abraham Lincoln suspended this legal writ that means “You Have the Body”

H2 – 1969 – Current junior senator born in New Jersey

H3 – 1865 – New York State Senate creates what university as the state’s only land grant institution

H4 – 1861 – After 150 years as a British crown colony what West African colony gained its independence

Missed 2, 3 and 4 (ouch)!

We had 27 points going into the second half, which put us slightly ahead of the middle of the herd…

Round Four

1. Pasta – What type of corkscrew-shaped pasta comes from the Italian word “spindle?” 4

2. World Capitals – On August 15, 1837 what southern capital city was named for a Catholic feast day on which it was founded? Miss for 2, though the right capital city’s name did show up in my brain briefly (believe it or not)!

3. Athletes – With singles like I Know I Got Skills in 1993, what sports icon released his own hip-hop album? Brian for the points, 6 (I said that he must be the “sporto” on the team because he was wearing a ball cap)!

Round Five

1. Artists – What painter’s most famous work was inspired by eating runny Camembert cheese on a hot day? Laura nailed this for 6.


Gary Larson (The Far Side) parodies this painting with…wiener dogs!

2. Animated TV – Inspired by an episode of The Simpsons, a botanist created a hybrid of a tomato and what other plant in 2003? LOL I just watched this episode last week, 4.

3. Phrases – Found in lyrics by Jay Z and Alicia Keys and also the title of a 1982 prison film, what phrase describes “modern day city regarded as an unpleasant place filled with large, ugly buildings?” We were all over the place with our guesses of titles of prison films –  but sadly Birdman of Alcatraz, Chained Heat, Brubaker, Midnight Express and Shawshank Redemption were not correct (we put in a desperate last minute guess of “ghetto” for lack of anything better), miss for 2.


A shot from Chained Heat.

Round Six

1. Names – According to the Social Security Index, what first name set a record in 2008 for jumping from 12,500 to 2,400 in popularity? 2

2. Astronomy – Most of the visible stars in the night sky take their names from what language? Miss for six. We picked the second most common “star” language (d’oh)!

3. Books – With more than $1B in annual sales, what is by far the best-selling genre in American publishing? Wonder if “bodice ripper” was accepted as a correct answer? 🙂 Sigh…I really need to get cracking on this kind of writing, LOL! 4

Finished round with 53 points, which put about 14 teams ahead of or tied with us.

Final Category – Colorful Cinema

Before Green Book won the Academy Award for best picture in 2019, what movie with a primary or secondary color in its its English name was the most recent to win best picture (it was adapted from a book)?

I came up with what was the right guess right away, but we tried to make ABSOLUTELY sure there weren’t any other colorful movies we were overlooking. We waited until the last possible second to hand in our slip.

After we handed in our answer, we started to cross our fingers! We were SO excited when the answer was revealed – and realized we’d gotten it right! Hey…the trivia host DID tell people to cheer if they got it right! Then they read the scores – and on the first readout, the host announced we had gotten third! But…hold the phone! Nope. We wound up finishing fourth, just outside the cash prize zone. Oh well…someone’s gotta be in “that” spot, don’t they?


Prize “swag” won by Team Squirrels

Winners have been photographed/announced on My Trivia Live’s Facebook page for inquiring minds. I am doing my best imitation of Carly Simon here and not naming names of the winners (I’ll bet you think this recap is about you…don’t you). I have my reasons – and it’s MY blog!

Until next time, which will be a Sporcle Live game Monday at Sticks. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Shaquille O’Neal!







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