Nice Video About Rebecca McNitt…

A local TV station did a nice piece about a trivia player named Rebecca McNitt, who plays on a Sporcle Live pub trivia team called Teamy McTeamface. Her appearance on Jeopardy! aired earlier this week – she had to do battle with Jeopardy juggernaut James Holzhauer, whom is pretty unstoppable right now. Jeopardy! producers are probably “grooming” a potential opponent who can take him out, lest his prize winnings decimate the budget to the point where Alex Trebek has to wear suits from the Salvation Army (perish the thought)!

Watch the video here.

This piece reminded me of my own mother! The last time I was at my parents’ house at 7:30 p.m., when Jeopardy! airs, she INSISTED I sit in the family room and watch it with her! And I got indignant when she didn’t answer a clue she knew (about opera) in the form of a question (amateur hour, mom)!

I definitely inherited my “trivia brain” from my mom! We used to play lots of Trivial Pursuit (she was a wily opponent), and she has a good head for celebrity names, titles, dates, etc. Now she and my dad are getting into binge watching Game of Thrones (LOL)! I’ll bet if I brought her to a GOT theme night she wouldn’t do too badly! But she probably doesn’t stay up late enough for too many pub trivia pursuits (though she has come along to a few games with my team).


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