Where Did I Walk Today? To the Regal Beagle!

On the 1970s sitcom Three’s Company, the cast members would occasionally be seen having meals/ drinks at a local bar/restaurant called the “Regal Beagle.” It was a great place for the sleazy Larry Dallas to put the moves on someone female, hapless and braless…or at least talk about it.


Check out the pay phone in the background!

My own neighborhood also has a Regal Beagle Lounge! I’ve only set foot inside of it a couple of times, and both times because trivia was being hosted there. It was a very short experiment with a Saturday trivia scene in early 2013, which ended nearly as soon as it started. I have no photos of the interior, but it’s a dive bar with uncushioned booth seating. Was it orange? Avocado green? Brown? Bright yellow? I don’t remember…though it did appear that the bar had not received any kind of “upgrade” to its decor since maybe the late 1970s.  The bar only accepted  cash – no plastic money. Good thing one of the people playing the trivia game with us happened to bring cash – and the drinks were super cheap!


The Regal Beagle Lounge, on East Michigan Avenue in Ypsilanti, MI. This is a VERY  busy road, and I didn’t like being on it for long!  I actually saw a “real” beagle while I was out walking, but didn’t take a picture (would have had to photograph the dog’s owner too).

Per Google maps’ reckoning, I covered 4.2 miles on today’s walk, which took just a little more than an hour to finish. This is the longest “solo” walk I’ve done this year.  My “focus” today was on speed – while I enjoy the nature walks with my husband, I need to go “off leash” once in a while and walk the speed my legs want to take me. It’s not always easy to match the pace of a walking partner – whether they’re walking too fast for you – or too slowly for you. Even though I was focused on speed today, I did manage to take the time to snap some pics:


Love those bright colors!


Gremlin! Love those old AMC cars…


Have you seen Trixie?



Love the bright shirts when I’m out for a walk!

Today’s “soundtrack” took a bit of effort to nail down. I had to hit “next” on quite a lot of tracks in the search for the perfect tunes to help keep me steppin’. A list of some of today’s walking tunes:

  • Everything’s Gone Green, New Order
  • Pilgrimage, nine inch nails
  • The Day The World Went Away, nine inch nails
  • True Faith, New Order
  • Stayin’ Alive, Bee Gees (this one always makes me swagger a bit)
  • Angelsea, Cat Stevens
  • Night on Disco Mountain, Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack
  • Paradise, Coldplay
  • To Live and Die in L.A., Wang Chung
  • Mid Life Crisis, Faith No More


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