Reflections Upon Today’s Trivial Events…

I’m in my robe, comfy clothes, furry slippers, got my feet up in the recliner – and I’m watching old episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Aren’t y’all so jealous of my exciting, exciting life? And I just took a sip of Aldi’s attempt at spiked seltzer water (black cherry flavor). Not bad, not bad! Kudos for being not too sweet (I’m sweet enough already, as I like to joke).

2019-04-20 20.00.53.jpg

Relaxation protocol alpha! Now if only Mike wouldn’t be grousing about not being able to find his glasses cleaning cloths, LOL! I keep one in my purse for him at all times…

I didn’t really expect that the team I played with would wind up advancing to finals today. I knew there would be some good competition in the room – Keerok almost always makes it to finals, that one team from Pizza House (Cleanup in Aisle 10) is good, but don’t know their names (they did not qualify today), didn’t really recognize anyone else, except the host Devin (who used to host the 3 p.m. “afternoon delight” show at the Canton bistro and his spotter Chris). I had a little fun with Chris today! After he flawlessly said the French name Hubert de Givenchy on the mic, I said to him, “That was very Inglourious Basterds of you right there. What other languages do you speak?” We also chatted a bit about which Milli Vanilli member was dead (Rob Pilatus) and which one still draws breath (Fab Morvan). Incidentally, he said he wrote a trivia question about them a while back!

Glad I only had to use the restroom once, it was more cramped than an airline bathroom (though it was clean)! I said to Laura, “They probably made it that cramped on purpose to discourage customers from having sex in the stalls.” Laura and I also had a good romp talking about doing our own “Doctor, Cop Lawyer” show and having it greenlighted on Netflix (they will pretty much let anything be a series).

My teammate Brian said maybe the category “babies” would be about the band the Babys, so we chatted about that a bit. The lead singer John Waite had a huge hit in 1984 with Missing You, which was pretty…overplayed. He quizzed me on whether I knew who the keyboardist was for that band, and I said, “I dunno. That exhausts all of my knowledge about the Babys.”


Singer John Waite (formerly of the British band The Babys) hit #1 on the U.S. charts with Missing You, though the Babys did not have any significantly charting songs in the U.S.

Unlike many hit songs in the ’80s, this song is actually NOT rapey (vis a vis Billy Ocean’s Get out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car) – or stalkerish (The Police’s Every Breath You Take). It’s actually quite straightforward and thoughtful with some of the lyrics:

I hear your name in certain circles
And it always makes me smile
I spend my time
Thinking about you
And it’s almost driving me wild
And that’s my heart that’s breaking
Down this long distance line tonight
Cheesy? Yes, a bit! But it’s not rapey…or stalkerish!


In other events from today, Mike said he overheard what appeared to be the owner chatting with the trivia host Devin. When Devin said he was feeling a bit hungry, the owner (?) said, “How about I make you some Texas toast and some bacon on the side?” After bringing it out, he said, “Now everyone’s going to be jealous of you!”

Yes, it was kind of a “dive bar,” but it was certainly steps above Powell’s. And it seemed to have a good vibe (service was very good – and prompt – too). I only had a ginger ale (stomach feeling a bit touchy, something I ate last night didn’t agree with me).

It was a pretty dismal drive out there today, but I had a “feeling” that the rain would help the team I was playing with by imbuing them with the powers of Cthulhu (he’s only happy when it rains). That’s a joke, of course! Cthulhu is NEVER happy, though when it rains, he could very well be “nigh!” We wound up having to park across the street – all of the parking filled up at the bar, with the only remaining spots belonging to an adjacent business that probably wasn’t even in operation. Nobody wants to risk being towed (ugh not that again)! Poor Mike was so grumpy and waterlogged by the time he got into the bar (he dropped me off so I could go in and join the team while he parked the car). You guys have NO idea how many times he does things like this in the name of my trivial obsessions (if that’s not love, I don’t know what is).

Ugh…I need to continue tackling “Mount Laundry!” It’s not going to do itself… Maybe I will find a couple of Mike’s glasses cloths in the wash!


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