Happy Easter, Everyone!

Today is Easter! I don’t know what Easter means to all of you blog readers. For some of you, it might mean reflecting upon Jesus’ life, death and coming back as a lich (yes, he was a lich, consult your Monster Manual, folks)! Maybe it means listening to the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack – which is a perfectly acceptable way to learn about Jesus’ last days (call me a heathen)! Maybe you’re going to be dressing up your kids and taking them to church?


Me and my brother, Easter, 1987. I remember I couldn’t WAIT to change out of those clothes and into shorts – once Dad was done taking this pic. Maybe you’re not going to church – recent polls show church membership is way down. So sugary treats and colored eggs, then?


An Easter scene from 1981 near Astor, FL. Clockwise from left – my brother Mike, me, and my cousins David and James. Caption contest? I love how my aunt Anita figured I’d want a pink Easter basket (clearly she didn’t know me too well)!

What does Easter mean to me? Sorry if this sounds cheesy, but I just like hanging out with my parents on Easter! Twenty-five years ago, I nearly lost my mom on Easter, so what better way to celebrate her life – and (oh, OK) Jesus’ life too? Keep in mind, I’m not a religious sort AT ALL! Hell, the last time I set foot into a church was for my wedding in 1997! Well, that’s kind of a lie, I’ve been in my folks’ church a few times since then, when they’re cooking the Italian dinner that gets served to visitors at the Ypsilanti Heritage Fest, which I think has been renamed “YpsiFest.”

So what happened to my mom 25 years ago – 1994? She nearly died of a severe asthma attack. She was even hospitalized for about 3.5 weeks! To this day, I still think that the thing that really put a fire under her ass to get out of the hospital was me coming into her room and helping her wash her hair into a trash can. If she’s anything like me (which she is), she was probably HORRIFIED to have her daughter do this to her! Sure enough, she was released within the next couple of days. Hey mom  – I was happy to help! And even more happy you survived the ordeal…

So today, I’ll be heading over to my folks house for a “comfort food” dinner (she’s a killer cook). We’ll be bringing over salad fixings and a cooked turkey breast, and she’ll have potatoes au gratin, biscuits,  ham, asparagus and chocolate cake. Anyone drooling yet? Meals like this are NOTHING for her to prepare! Did y’all know that once a month, she cooks up meals for 60 or more folks for the Hunger Coalition at Emmanuel Lutheran Church? She truly has a heart of gold  – and is a good aligned person through and through. When she works her volunteer shifts at the Ypsilanti Thrift Shop, she frequently just “spots” items for customers who don’t have enough money to buy things for themselves (and will pay for them out of her own pocket). That’s just the kind of person she is. To close out this blog, I’ll share a pic of her and I…


Me and my mom, 1974. Her hair is not naturally wavy at all – those waves are from having her hair in braids (she was a true “hippie chick”). She still is!



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