Trivia Recap – April 19, 2019 – Original Gravity Brewing Co.

You never know what you’re going to walk into on a trivia night at Original Gravity! One night in the summer of 2017, we arrived and saw a large number of bicycles parked outside, and learned it was some kind of organized “brewery bike ride.” Thursday night, we noticed cars parked all up and down the street leading to OG, so we KNEW something was up! What was attracting so many folks to this little brew pub?  Mike dropped me off by the door so I could go in and vainly attempt to find a table. He circled around the block, and luckily found a spot right by the brewery that had just cleared out. We had to wait a bit for an empty table, but found one about 10 minutes before game time. Always keep an eye out for empty glasses – and empty food dishes (usually a sign that the party is going to leave soon)!

So what was all of the hub-bub? A new beer release! OG released their “High-Five” IPA, which attracted hordes of “Brew Crew” members to the bar to try it out. “Brew Crew” members pay a one-time fee of $100 and receive lifetime discounts on pints, merchandise, etc. Lifetime membership? That’s a pretty good deal (especially if you’re a local and plan to drink there more than a couple of times a week)! If we lived in Milan, we’d definitely think about becoming “Brew Crew” members!

As for the game, we had our second-highest scoring game of the current season with 125 points, won a first place prize in game one. We’ve had a bit of a rough time with final questions lately – and winning trivia prizes – so it was nice to break the “drought!”

So how did our “foursome” of players fare on these questions? Read on!

Game One

1. Hit Songs – What artist’s highest-charting hits included You’re Still The One, From This Moment On and That Don’t Impress Me? Poor Evan was waiting in quite a long line for beer, but came back to our table to help us answer this one, got it for 10. This was one of a couple of “warm fuzzy” ‘Pods moments on this trivia night, the other was Dave coming back from a long line with beers for him – and two others (beer line was long on this night)! As Cartman would say, “I love you guys!”


I really do love those guys!

2. TV Couples – Darren and Samantha Stephens were characters on what sitcom which aired from 1964 to 1972? Mike has such a soft spot for Samantha (but not for the reasons you might think, get your minds out of the gutter), got this for 9. Quote from Mike? “Darren Stephens was a  DICK!” He says it’s not nice to not allow a (blank) to use her powers…(what a guy, you gotta love him)!

3. Memoirs – In Tuesdays with Morrie, what is Morrie dying of? Evan again for max points…

4. Celebrity Children – Give the first name of either person whom is the parent of children named Violet, Sarafina and Samuel? Miss for 2.

5. Games – In the Hasbro game Barrel of Monkeys, how many monkeys are in the barrel – 12, 18, 20 or 24? Miss for 1. These questions were starting to make monkeys out of us!

6. Movie Music – Audio clue of trailer from a franchise of movies with 1982 and 2010 installments, got this for 5.

7. NFL Players – Name one of the two players from the Jacksonville Jaguars with multiple 1,000 rushing yards in a season, two for a bonus point (unsure of the exact wording on this question), we missed this for 3.

8. World Cities – Bridgetown is the capital of what Caribbean country located the farthest East of all Caribbean countries? Triviagasm moment #1 of this trivia night for me, got this for 7.

9. Paintings – Since 1941, Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting has been part of the permanent collection at a museum in what country? From what Lauren said, a good number of teams missed this one – we missed for SIX! Where’s the absinthe? And carving knife?  🙂

10. Politics – Gary Johnson was a presidential candidate in what party in 2012 and 2016? 4

Mystery – Anagrams of “boy band” song titles (from some list of “Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time, unsure of the source).

M1 – Wait With a Natty, 1999

M2 – Wacky Tuna Bio, 1969

M3 – Howl On A Hard Unit Today, 1963

M4 – A Youthful Emu Wakes A Bit, 2011

Nice teamwork here! Evan said of #3, “This could be a song by (blank), and then I immediately knew the song; Dave knew #2, #1 was an easy one for most of us, and all of us teamed up on #4. What would Hannibal from the A-Team say about this? I love it when a mystery round comes together! No? Close enough!

Scores: Eighteen teams, scores 10 to 57, with us in first, playing under the name Cthulhu’s Last Stand. This is Sparta was in fifth with 49 points and Mind the Gap was in fourth with 52.

Final Category – Prolific Authors

We wanted to wager “something,” but not all 20 points. We took quite a bit of time trying to decide, and finally I pulled “12” from my ass. I determined that was “somethingish” enough of a wager without wagering it all (I didn’t realize what that result would be…honest)!

Four authors have had at least 30 books reach #1 on the New York Times Fiction Best Seller list. Name two of those four authors.

Came up with two correct ones right away, but still continued to talk about other possibilities. Stuck to our original thoughts, and it was good that we did…

Final scores: Girls, 59 (moved up from seventh), and ‘Pods, 69. Dave said I wagered that on purpose (honest I didn’t)!

Game Two

1. Ad Slogans – “Plop plop fizz fizz” is a popular ad slogan for what product? 10

2. Pacts – Name two of the three European states that were original members of the “Triple Alliance,” and were involved in events leading up to World War I? Name all three for a bonus point.  I came up with one of the correct ones right away, but we were a miss on a second…or third correct one, miss for 4.

3. Composers – What classical composer’s works include Toccata and Fugue in D Minor and The Well Tempered Clavier? Mike said “clavicle” instead of “clavier,” so I decided to poke him in his clavicle. When he flinched, I said “That’s an ill-tempered clavicle!” One of many nerdy moments on our trivia nights (you had to be there)! This was the second “triviagasm” moment of the trivia night for me, got for 9.

4. Abbreviations – When the term DVD was created in 1995, what did the V stand for (it’s not video)? I have a feeling a lot of teams missed this, we missed for 2.

5. Baseball Teams – The “Red Stockings” were the first fully professional baseball team located in what U.S. city which currently has a MLB franchise? Our “elder statesman” Brad would have known this, but we missed for 1.

6. ’80s Movies (I got really excited about this category) – What are the first names of Ferris Bueller’s friends who accompany him when he skips school in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Triviagasm moment #3…, got this for 8. Triviagasm hat trick? Could there be another? Nobody likes a quitter, as Dave likes to say!

7. Desserts – Boston Cooler, Purple Cow and Snow White are all variations of what popular dessert? We joked the Snow White MUST contain cocaine, got this for 7.

8. Actresses – What Mexican American actress served as associate producer of Ugly Betty? There was more to this question, but it was the Facebook “clue” question, so…got this for 6.


Actress from question 8 in the movie Dogma.

9. Words – In grammar, what is the eight-letter word denoting three periods used in succession in writing? I’m guilty of using this “device” quite a bit…got this for 3 (triviagasm #4)! Is there a cold shower at OG? 🙂

10. U.S. Cities – What was the first city in Pennsylvania to reach a population of at least 100,000? Softball to end the regular round, 3.

Visual Mystery –


Got them all.

Scores: Eighteen teams, scores 26 to 63, with Mind the Gap in first. We were in sixth with 56, This is Sparta was in fourth with 58, tied with Where’s Trey.

Final Category – 21st Century Animated TV

There are five animated series that originally aired on Cartoon Network (or any of its alternatively-named programming blocks) and have aired at least 200 episodes, including Ben 10 with its various installments. Name two of the other four series.

We came up with two shows right away, but wagered zero on this category. Mike was at the bar cashing out while we were deciding what to wager, and said we should have wagered full points (well, maybe you should have been with your team, honey)! We may have wound up missing it anyway since we left out one of the words in the TV show titles we put down. A non-league team sitting near us wound up moving up from seventh and getting this correct for SIXTY NINE POINTS! Two instances in one night with teams scoring 69 points? Add those things to my four “triviagasm” moments! Ha ha, and you thought you’d finally get to read a non-racy ‘Pods trivia recap! Not a chance! And you blog readers also get the photo of (blank)!

Final standings: Mind the Gap, 63; ???, 69 (did not catch the team name).

Until next time, which will be a “special engagement” Saturday in a My Trivia Live semifinal game with a friend’s team, where I’ll try helping them advance to the finals April 27. Next week, we’ll be playing the new Monday show at Sticks again. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Otto Von Bismarck! He had nothing to do with any questions in the game, but he came to my mind anyway for some reason because of the “Triple Alliance.”




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