Squid and Squirrel? Is That A Good Trivia Team Name?

I’ll be sitting in with a My Trivia Live team called “Squirrels” in a semifinal game Saturday at a place called Randy’s Bar in Dearborn Heights. I honestly can’t remember if I ever did anything in Dearborn Heights, besides…drive through it. In my old days as a “journo,” I would frequently drive around the ‘burbs of “Western Wayne,” but none of the papers I worked for covered Dearborn Heights. It’s not quite Dearborn, and it’s not quite Westland, but oh MAN! Honestly, I don’t really know much about this ‘burb!

One of the regular players on the trivia team I’m playing with is also a MTL host, so she will not be playing in the semi game (she’ll be hosting a semi in Ypsilanti at the same time). She’s already sent a group text message, advising us to NOT wager on the final unless we ABSOLUTELY know the answer! I’ve already reassured her of as much from my end, it’s not MY team, so final question wagers will be up to them (unless by dumb luck it is an answer I happen to know…fat chance of that – this is MTL after all)!


Photo my husband took of a groundhog at Island Park in 2016.

I’ll be wearing my Groundhog Day T-shirt to the semis. Did you know that the groundhog is the largest member of the Sciurid family in its range? They also have very “pimp like” mating rituals (the males briefly wake up to “check on” their harems before they wake up for “real”).

Of course, I’ll have a recap of Saturday’s game to share, but it may not be shared until Sunday morning. I’ll be sure to let y’all know how we fared in the semifinal though, so you might want to check in 3 p.m.-ish for an update!

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