A Brief History Of ‘Pods Trivia In Ypsilanti, MI

We’ve been a trivia team since January, 2011 – though we didn’t “really” start playing until about a year later. Let’s take a look at all of the trivia  spots we’ve played in Ypsilanti, MI since 2012! Sporcle Live spots will be denoted in orange, My Trivia Live spots will be denoted in blue.

Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (formerly known as “The Corner Brewery”)

This is the first place we played regularly as a team, and played here weekly until the fall of 2015. Nowadays, we only play here very occasionally, though I’ll occasionally “pop in” to the trivia room if I happen to be there on trivia nights. I’ve kind of started to look for smaller teams to help out toward the end of game one, helping one win a $20 prize by doing this just last week! This bustling trivia scene typically draws 20 or more teams, many of them with seven or more players.


We began playing here Thursdays in the summer of 2012, usually with just 3-4 players. This started as a “board game night” gig, with me and one other player starting things out while a couple of other players finished playing board games. We have not played here “regularly” since this time, though now that there’s a new Monday night show that seems to work for at least three of us – that could change!

Red Rock Downtown Barbecue

This place no longer offers trivia nights. We played here Tuesdays semi-regularly in 2012 and 2013, and while we enjoyed the deep discounts on craft beers on trivia nights, we didn’t like that prizes could only be used on food. I always speculated that the bar’s “two room” layout made it too easy for trivia teams to cheat.

Buffalo Wild Wings

This place also no longer offers trivia nights. The “Wild Bill” trivia nights (known for the bonus points) sometimes ran a bit overly long, which was *ok* since they were on Friday nights, but still a bit annoying! Also, prizes could only be used on food. We played here only very occasionally.

The Wurst Bar

This bar only offered Sporcle Live trivia Monday nights for a very short time in the fall of 2012, but was a good trivia night for a good number of our players. Prizes could be used the same night and on whatever we chose to put into our mouths! Now, this bar has a regular My Trivia Live night Wednesdays (more about that in a bit).

The Regal Beagle

Ah, the “Regal Beagle,” the Three’s Company dive bar just a stone’s throw from one of “those” motels that doubles as housing! I think only 2-3 games were hosted here, and prizes were issued as IOUs or something equally strange. This bar did not take plastic for payment, which was rather an…oddity. On the last night, when prizes were only offered for game one, the host (Charlie) stuck around for a bit after the game and quizzed the only two remaining teams (ours and More Beer Less Pants) informally on the game two questions. It kind of felt like being on a game show! For some strange reason I recall two of the answers being I Love Lucy and Google Chrome. Ypsilanti has not attempted a Saturday night trivia scene since this very, very short run at the Regal Beagle. I’m going to guess this was…early 2013?

Aubree’s (Whittaker Road)

Another fairly short-lived trivia spot, this was a Monday  night “gig,” and worked our fairly well for a few of our players. Games ran during the spring of 2014, I recall heading out to a game here after a long day on the road from having visited family in the U.P. (which was not the first – or the last time – we engaged in such craziness while in the pursuit of trivia).

Maiz Mexican Cantina

Trivia nights started being offered here Mondays beginning toward the end of 2014. Even if you were kind of a cheapskate with buying food on trivia nights, tortilla chips/salsa would always help take the edge off any hunger you had! The $3 craft bottle specials and other cocktail specials were kind of nice, and you could use prize winnings the same night. We played here for a full season beginning in the spring of 2015, and continued to play here “part time.” Trivia nights ended here in the spring of 2018.


We helped get the Sunday trivia nights running at this trivia spot in the spring of 2016, shortly after this bar opened. We played here for at least a couple of seasons until around the end of 2016. We haven’t really come back to this trivia spot, since it’s too difficult to assemble teams on Sunday. Particularly teams which can put up a good fight against a trivia team with a five-time Jeopardy! champion – and a player whom will appear on Jeopardy! April 23 (two sisters)! Sundays have turned into more of a “chill out” day than a trivia day, so it was really no big loss!

Powell’s Pub

We played here for the first time in October, 2014 but didn’t come back until the spring of 2016, when we started playing here “part time.” In January, 2018, we started playing here regularly, and won semifinal spots for two seasons in a row. We took a couple of seasons off from playing here in late 2018, and recently began playing here “part time” again. Now that another Monday night trivia spot has opened up, we may not play here as often.

The Wurst Bar

We signed up as a league team for the first time with My Trivia Live in April, 2016. I played as a “duo” with a friend’s wife for a few months, and later, I began bringing my team out to play here. We had a fairly successful run, having won semifinal spots in every season we played here. We stopped playing here in December, 2017. It’s unlikely we’ll ever play any trivia nights here again (a couple of us dislike that they no longer do the “whiskey Wednesday” special). Trivia players can be a… finicky bunch!

McShane’s Pub

I think we played a trivia night here for the first time in 2017? The Tuesday night trivia scenes here are populated by at least three “league” teams and a couple of “barhop” teams. On weeks where Tuesdays work best for trivia, it’s very likely we’ll continue playing here at least occasionally. The $3 craft bottle specials are a good deal – especially if you get Bell’s Two-Hearted – or Shorts Soft Parade (both pack a good punch)!


I “tried out” this place in the spring of 2018, but the trivia scene just didn’t click with me. Trivia games are staged in a heated tent behind the bar, with picnic table seating (and patio tables). Beer is on the pricey side.

Tower Inn

We began playing here fairly regularly in October, 2018 – and it looked like it could become a “regular” trivia spot for our team! Then it was announced that the game times were being moved from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m., which was a dealbreaker for our team. Prizes are awarded in the most unusual way I’ve ever seen for a trivia spot – with them being applied to online accounts rather than gift cards/gift certificates. Not too likely we’ll ever to back to playing these late shows…

That’s it for the trivia spots we’ve played in Ypsilanti! What does the future hold for trivia nights in this town?


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