Trivia Plans This Week (Week of April 15, 2019)

Our trivial pursuits this week will be Sticks on Monday (Sporcle Live, debut show) and Thursday at Original Gravity. I’ll be playing as a “hired gun” in a MTL semifinal Saturday at a bar in Dearborn Heights, MI. No plans to play any other MTL nights this week.

Looking forward to checking out a new show Monday (even if in an “old” spot). We wouldn’t be the ‘Pods if we didn’t check out a new show in our neighborhood! Even if we don’t wind up liking the spot well enough to “commit” to it. Sometimes you wind up falling in love with a trivia spot and revisiting it again and again – sometimes you’re just not that into a trivia spot – and sometimes – a trivia spot is just not that into YOU!

I gave Cultivate a try – and as much as I love outdoor pursuits and camping – I didn’t exactly love the “Christian revival” trivia night in the tent out back. I also don’t like the overly pricey beers and the overall atmosphere of the place.

I’ve actually been wanting another Monday night spot to open up ever since Maiz stopped serving up trivia in the spring of 2018. It’s nice having an alternative to Powell’s at the very least!

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