Before And After Trivia Quiz (April 13, 2019)

Hey blog readers! I didn’t want you guys to not have any new blogs to read on my site while I’m on a much needed weekend retreat in the woods without WiFi! Seriously, it’s great to get “unplugged” from time to time and not stare at screens for a couple of days (except my blog site of course, LOL)!  Here’s a “before and after” trivia quiz based on a grab bag of topics, most of which are ones I’m currently obsessed with – or have been obsessed with in the past!

1. MAD magazine publisher/creator and shelf-stable patty-shaped dog food

2. You’re So Vain singer and full name of Jesus Christ Superstar character

3. Sitcom character played by Soleil Moon-Frye and 1985 film featuring Richard Pryor

4. Amber Tamblyn TV series which aired 2003-2005 and Michigan microbrewery best known for its Hopmouth IPA

5. Night Ranger hit single and actor who played Batman in Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises

6. “Real” name of female Batman villain and Emmy-nominated Twin Peaks actor

7. Blondie lead singer and Night Court actor

8. Female Fairport Convention singer and former Detroit Tiger player imprisoned for an embezzling scandal

9. 1991 comedy film featuring Richard Dreyfuss and Billy Murray (photo below) and famed choreographer associated with works such as Sweet Charity, Cabaret and A Chorus Line


10. 1986 Paul Simon single and character played by Ed O’Neill on a long-running Fox sitcom which began airing in the 1980s


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