I Have A Case of the “Mondays…”

I¬† had¬† a¬† bit¬† of¬† trouble falling¬† asleep¬† last¬† night, though¬† I think¬† I squeezed¬† in¬† a couple¬† of hours. So¬† I don’t¬† think¬† I’ll¬† be blogging¬† too much¬† today!

While vainly¬† trying¬† to¬† sleep, I watched¬†¬†Miss Congeniality¬†which¬† was¬† a late¬† night movie¬† on¬† cable. It’s¬† about¬† a FBI agent, played¬† by Sandra Bullock, who goes¬† undercover¬† as¬† a¬† beauty¬† pageant¬† contestant¬† to nab a terrorist.

It’s¬† almost like a horror¬† movie to me – in¬† a¬† way. Her character, Gracie, is “transformed” from an unkempt, crude¬† tomboy¬† into…a beauty¬† queen by¬† a “consultant” played by¬† Michael¬† Caine. It’s¬† kind¬† of a modern¬† take¬† on¬†¬†My¬† Fair¬† Lady,¬†only¬† with¬† no¬† wagering ( though¬† the¬† stakes¬† are¬† high).

I actually¬† enjoy¬† the¬† movie and like¬† Bullock’s character¬† ¬†(she¬† is kind of a bad ass). But it is kind of offensive¬† in¬† a way, since she is “forced” to undergo¬† this girly¬† transformation. I don’t¬† want hot wax forced on me! I don’t¬† want¬† to wear heels!

How¬† about twist¬† on¬† this story – where a weenie¬† hipster boy is forced¬† to become more “manly?” Maybe¬† weenie¬† hipster snowflake¬† boy¬† is an FBI agent¬† who¬† has to infiltrate¬† the Mafia?

His beard? Gone….Hair? Conservative¬† cut. Skinny jeans/jogger¬† pants? Nope. Maybe¬† the powers¬† that be would make him gain weight so he looks more like a “wise guy.” Dialogue¬† coach¬† would be played by DeNiro and make him watch¬† a bunch of mob movies and go all Rex¬† Harrison¬† on¬† his ass. Give him¬† a shiny three-piece suit and expensive shades. Maybe a snazzy hat.

Maybe it’s¬† more “funny” when¬† a woman¬† is¬† unwillingly transformed¬† into something¬† she’s not?

Forgive¬† me, readers (I’m¬† a bit¬† tired)!


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