Well Then… THAT Was Just What I Needed (A Brisk, No-Nonsense Walk)

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a simple walk for speed. No stopping to look at turtles, no stopping to take photos of squirrels/birds, no having to slow my pace for another human, no waiting while other human stretches a bit (ahem), no listening to any other humans besides the tiny ones singing to me from inside my mp3 player (LOL)! Thankfully, my regular “walking partner” didn’t want to go out in the chilly temps today, so I had a chance to get out for a 40 minute/2.6 mile walk. A NONSTOP walk! And it was…delightful!

Temps were in the 20s, accounting for wind chills. This last day of March is a bit of a…disappointment. Don’t like seeing a dusting of snow this time of year, but by Monday it should be gone. Begone, snow! Don’t come around here no more!

Need to do at least a couple of these “no nonsense walks” a week! I really don’t want to resort to doing mall walks again, but on days when weather is “icky,” I may have no other option.

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