Lazy Activity Day Today, But Busy Blog Day!

I turned  off  my  laptop  a little  bit  ago and am now chilling with some spiked seltzers and watching  Maverick  (1994). Jodie Foster is doing a bang up job playing it straight in this  one (ahem)! I  like  her  as an actor – my  favorite  movie  of  hers is The Accused. Though  it’s  not  a movie  I can  handle  watching  too often (movies about rape really  get  to me).  Sometimes  I do love  a good “courtroom  drama.” You know…the lawyer  portion  of “doctor/cop/lawyer?” I think  there should be a tv series where someone plays a character who IS a doctor, a cop AND a lawyer! Who’s  with me?

I’ve  started  on  the 1990s Emmy blog, but will come  back  to it later. I thought  it would be  good  to  hit up a weak  trivia  topic  if  I’m  going  to be helping  another  team next month, and it was too rainy to go  out  for  a walk today. A walk WILL happen Sunday!

Thanks  for  the 108 views!

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