Help Me! My Brain Hurts! I’ve Been Studying Emmy Winners :)

I decided that for some insane reason that I’d peruse lists of Primetime Emmy award winners today – starting with the decade of the 1980s –  since weather is yucky and I am clinically insane (LOL)! Sharon Gless, Tyne Daly, those two guys who always got nominated from St. Elsewhere (Flanders/Daniels). I wonder what the very first “doctor cop lawyer” show was? I know I have to go back much farther than the 1980s, but Steven Bochko, the unofficial lord of doctor/cop/lawyer TV shows, certainly made his mark in the 1980s, with Hill Street Blues and L.A. Law dominating the award nominations/wins – and the airwaves. I can honestly say I’ve never watched a single episode of either of those shows (but I’ll bet my dad did). I was more of a Dynasty girl in the 1980s fo-shure!


For some strange reason, it was always fascinating to watch Heather Locklear’s Sami Jo character eating on Dynasty

I was kind of tickled to learn that one of my favorite comedic actors Leslie Nielsen got an Emmy nod for his performance as Frank Drebin in the short-lived series Police Squad! Now THAT’s a doctor/cop/lawyer show I actually watched!


I also liked Moonlighting, which was “kind of” doctor/cop/lawyerish (centered around the activities of the Blue Moon Investigations detective agency). What better way for a teen-age girl to learn about the exciting topic of sexual tension? What I DID learn is that it’s far more interesting to watch a series where the characters DON’T give in to their sexual tensions! That’s why The X Files managed to stay interesting for so long. We didn’t get to see Mulder and Scully f—ing. Though I think we do see them in bed together in the recent series re-boot.

Ugh, I just don’t have a good head for this stuff. My only hope is that something important enough to be in a trivia question someday might sink into my brain!

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