Trivia Recap – March 27, 2019 – McShane’s Pub (Ypsilanti, MI)

Tuesday’s My Trivia Live game at McShane’s Pub ultimately came down to a showdown between two separate teams featuring “duos.” One of them was ours, featuring myself and Mike – and the other was the “barhop” team called “Two’s Company,” whom bested us in this particular trivia battle (our two teams plus one other were the only ones in the bar getting the final question correct about music videos). Because they snagged their third consecutive first place win between Powell’s and McShane’s, they won the joint “jackpot” prize (unsure what the amount was this time).  All’s fair in trivia and war, since we bested that same team not too long ago at Powell’s Pub when we aced a final question about an early 1990s MTV animation-based TV series that they missed. As Gordon Gecko said in Wall Street:


OK, so that’s not exactly how that quote was in Wall Street (but close enough)! The good news is we won our very first trivia prize ($20/second place) at McShane’s Pub – a place we’ve played maybe…four times or so in the past? Now we can put our theories about the place being a “prize curse” to rest! We’ll be able to use that prize money when we play again Friday at McShane’s “sister” operation in Sumpter Township (Bobby McShane’s), where we’ll be playing in a very “special” engagement. We don’t normally play Friday night games, but will be doing so as a special “favor” for a friend. The ‘Pods occasionally like to engage in philanthropic activities! And we’ve also had countless players/teams help us out in the past, too (it’s all part of the circle of pub trivia life)! Those of you reading this are probably among those whom have helped us out in various ways in the past – and for that, we thank you (blows kiss)!

A “trend” that’s been happening lately at McShane’s on its trivia nights is teams trying to one-up each other with super long team names. We’re thinking the next time we play at McShane’s we might use the abbreviated team name “M” (short for “Miskatonic”) just to rebel against the “long team name” status quo a bit! Does that have a nice ring to it? Well, there was a pop singer who went by the stage name “M” back in the early ’80s…Anyone old enough to remember him? My older brother had the single for his hit song Pop Muzik. You know the song, don’t you? It had the lyrics, “Boogie in a suitcase?” No? How about “London, New York, Paris, Munich, everybody talkin’ about…(mmm) pop muzik? Still no? Sigh…that’s OK! “M’s” real name was Robin Scott, for inquiring minds! Now go listen to that song on YouTube (it’s catchy as f—)!


Pop Muzik only hit #40 on the U.S. Hot 100 charts in early 1980, but hit #1 on the Australian charts, and also performed well on other overseas charts.

We had a near perfect first half, missing only the “bonus” question about the home planet of a couple of “Super Friends” and a question about…balls. Yes really…and what did we have to say about that flub? “Balls!” The second half was a bit more rough, but we still wound up holding our own quite well…

Read on to see what other questions we aced – and flubbed!

Round One

1. Internet – What does the letter “e” stand for in e-mail? 5

2. Fashion – What is the six-letter French word describing an item that holds and trains the torso? 3

3. Candy – Popular Easter candy made of marshmallows and shaped like various animals? 1

Easy first round…

Round Two

1. Sports – What sport’s ball cannot exceed 1.68 inches in diameter or 1.62 ounces in weight? Miss for 3. We thought the correct ball was heavier than this…

2. Jungle Book – The Jungle Book character Rikki Tikki Tavi is what kind of animal? I read an article recently about the efforts famed animator Chuck Jones undertook to animate this creature to make it “engaging.” Mike and I are both “Gen-X” kids and watched the animated short about this creature quite a bit when we were growing up (he was such a little bad-ass), got this for 5.


What was Rikki Tikki Tavi’s favorite food?

3. Super Friends – The “Super Friends” characters Zan and Jayna are better known by what collective name? For a three-point bonus, what planet are these two from? All teams missed the bonus…got this for 1 point.

Round Three

1. Lodging – Founded in 2008, what privately held company’s web site allows its members access to an online marketplace where lodging can be offered for use or booked by others to use? Mike had the right instincts with this, but needed me to help him pry the right word from his brain, got this for 3.

2. Mammals – What “infraclass” does the Australian mammal Tasmanian devil belong? Want to learn more about this animal? Read this blog I wrote about them, got this for 5.

3. Entertainment – What founder of Harpo Productions has also produced Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray’s shows? 1

Halftime – Given the year it occurred and the U.S. battle, identify the correct state in which it occurred.

H1: Gettysburg, 1863

H2: Bunker Hill, 1775

H3: The Alamo, 1836

H4: Antietam

Got all of these for 10 points. Mike almost put down the wrong state for #3, which I corrected before we handed it in (whew)! I’ll let Pee Wee do the talking here…


Halftime scores: Two teams tied for fifth with 26, three teams tied for fourth with 27 points, one team in third with 32 points, we were second with 34 and Two’s Company was in first with 36.

Round Four

1. Dedications – Helen Keller dedicated The Story of My Life to what person? Newsletter bonus, 6.

2. Comic Strips – What occupation was held by Charlie Brown’s father? Miss for 4 (me missing Peanuts questions is kind of a rarity). What would Charlie Brown say to that?

3. Geography – What central South American country was previously known as “Upper Peru” until gaining its independence in 1825? This one was all Mike, got it for 2 (nice work)!

Round Five

1. Deadly Plants – What plant, which contains the world’s deadliest known natural substance, is “ricin” derived? Miss for 2.

2. Band Names – What band was founded under the name “Golden Gate Rhythm Section” in 1973 and reached the height of its popularity in the 1980s under a different name? Only one team in the house managed to get this one (it was not our team), we missed for 4.

3. Supernatural Cars – What is the make and model of the car driven by Dean Winchester on the TV series Supernatural? 6

Round Six

1. Constellations – The constellation Cygnus is what kind of bird? 6

2. Warriors – Whose surrender in 1886 made him the last Indian warrior to give in to U.S. forces, thus ending the Indian Wars? Mike all over this for 4.

3. Scientists – Whose third law decrees that every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Mike suggested one scientist and I suggested another, and…one  of those was correct – but it was not the one we wrote on the slip! Miss for 2.

Scores heading into the final:

Eight teams, scores 39; 42; 46; 47; 49; 58 (that was us); 60 with the other “duo” being in first with 62. Our hopes were that we’d get another final question that we’d know that the first place team…wouldn’t know. Alas, that would not come to pass…

Final Category – Music Videos

What music video made its debut in August, 1987 as part of a CBS prime-time event – with the song hitting #1 three months later? The video’s full version was directed entirely by award-winning film director Martin Scorsese.

I knew this one right away…but so did the other “duo!” Oh well…any prize money is better than none, right?

Final scores: Short Team Name, 92; ‘Pods, 116 and Two’s Company, 124.

As I mentioned earlier, our next trivial pursuits will be on Friday as part of a “special engagement.” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, General Ambrose Burnside! Did you know sideburns are named for him? Of course you did…





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