We Got Credit For Tuesday’s Sporcle Live Game (?)

The three point slip we turned in for Tuesday’s newsletter answer (which interestingly enough was Alexander Hamilton) was sufficient for us to get credit for Tuesday’s game even though we walked away after we heard question #2 (we did not answer it but would have gotten it correct). When it comes time to qualify for semifinals, teams that have played a minimum number of games will be given a chance to RSVP after all of the “venue leaders” have been given a chance to do so. Though we are not officially “trying” to win tournament spots this season, it doesn’t mean that IF we have some means of qualifying when it’s all said and done, that we’re NOT going to use it! Even if the core players on our team are unable to play (because of…say a niece’s high school graduation party) and I have to find “stunt doubles.”

Like ’80s singer Corey Hart said… “Never surrender!”

Recap of the game is coming up next! To see final questions, check out the captain’s log.

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