Trivia Recap – March 20, 2019 (Johnny’s Grill (Belleville, MI); McShane’s Pub (Ypsilanti, MI)

Answers in the comments…

We’ve engaged in lot of different types of “craziness” over the years when it comes to our various “trivial pursuits.” Driving from out of state (or from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula or “Up North”) in the morning and playing a trivia game that evening; playing six times in one week (which still makes us rank amateurs compared to some of the barhop teams out there), playing more than one trivia game in a night and hiring “stunt doubles” to play under our name when two trivia tournaments were scheduled the same day are just some of the slightly insane things we’ve done in our trivial pursuits. Trivia addiction is a hell of a thing #confessionsofarecoveringtriviaaddict.

Now we can add “walked out of a trivia game” to that list! In the wild, octopuses can be scared off by a variety of predators, including sharks, dolphins, seals, whales, larger fish, eels and nosy underwater human photographers. And, apparently…trivia question categories that sound like the questions will all be about the wildly popular Tony award winning musical production Hamilton.


Chances are, that octopus will find some way to take that seal with it on its way down (octopuses are sneaky bastards).

Here are the categories that scared us off from Tuesday’s game:

Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, Sir; My Shot, The Story of Tonight, The Schuyler Sisters, Farmer Refuted, You’ll Be Back, Right Hand Man, A Winter’s Ball and Helpless. Those are also the first 10 tracks on the Hamilton soundtrack.

I don’t have anything against musical theater! I can sing most of the tracks from Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar by heart, and also some tracks from Cats (Old Deuteronomy is my favorite) and I “almost” know Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. I loved Annie when that came out in theaters (1982), and also saw a stage production – and learned some of those songs, too. But I haven’t seen Hamilton, and truth be told, I’m not that excited about seeing it. But you wouldn’t have to twist my arm to get me to listen to the soundtrack! In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d probably like it!


Image from Hamilton. Don’t know who this guy is, or what’s going on…but it looks like he’s saying something poignant!

Truth be told, last Tuesday’s trivia questions did NOT wind up being all about Hamilton (though question #1 WAS about the musical – and #2 had a tenuous connection to the musical). Question #1:

Alexander Hamilton is the subject of a Tony winning musical originally starring, written and composed by what man? We incorrectly guessed Robert Lopez (a good educated guess, he recently became the first “double EGOT” winner (he has at least two each of the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony awards).

Question #2:

Name either man who served as vice president either before or after Aaron Burr. We would have gotten this one correct. We put down this guy as our answer (though not really…but we really did):


Mike was incredulous when I suggested putting down this guy’s name as our answer, though it WAS correct!

But, since we didn’t know for sure whether all of the questions would be about Hamilton, we decided to hedge our bets – and seek out different trivial “waters.” So we drove to McShane’s Pub in Ypsilanti and made it just in time for their 8 p.m. show (My Trivia Live). Turns out Stacy actually needed another team to show up (and another showed up after us), so it all worked out well! We came SO close to winning a $30 prize, but changed our correct answer before handing it in (the question was about how many stars were on the U.S. flag as of 1824 when the flag was nicknamed “Old Glory.” We had fun at the McShane’s game, so we didn’t really care that we were shut out of prizes!  Maybe…just maybe – when we play at Powell’s next week (schedule permitting), we can make sure the team “Two’s Company” doesn’t win the top prize – thus qualifying them for the McShane’s/Powell’s joint venue jackpot!

Less chat more splat? OK!

Round One

1. Mascots – What type of animal was Geoffrey – the Toys ‘R Us mascot? 5

2. Produce – Acorn, banana and spaghetti are all types of what vegetable? 3

3. History – Viking helmets lacked what feature – contrary to popular belief? 1

Round Two

1. Religion – What tower did Babylonians build to reach the heavens only to be impaired by multiple languages? Mike was all over this, 5.

2. Name’s The Same – What common word is used to describe an Easter food in Maine, a type of radio used by truckers and an over performing undertalented actor? 3

3. ’90s Movies – What sweet  treat was given by Forrest Gump to Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump? For a three point bonus, what was the first and last name of the fictional novelist in Misery? Nope on both of these…miss for 1.

Round Three

1. Current TV – The River Vixens are a cheerleading squad on what CW series? Mike and I briefly watched this series, 5.


It takes quite a bit of practice to be a good “vixen!” Who loves short shorts (show of hands)?

2. U.S. Cities – Athens, Rome and Dublin are all cities in what Southern U.S. state? 3

3. Wine – Wine is aged in barrels made out of what particular wood? 1

Halftime – match the hotel chain to its slogans.

Holiday Inn, Motel Six, Hyatt Garden Inn, Pullman’s, and Hampton Inn and Suites

Everything Right Where You Need It, We’ll Leave a Light On For You, We Love Having You Here, Our World is Your Playground.

Only managed to get one of these correct (this was a rough round for all of the teams). Mike, Stacy and I all started brainstorming about inappropriate hotel slogans – such as: “We’ll Get Rid of Your Dead Hookers For You,” “We Didn’t See Nothin’,” “We’ll Change the Sheets For You – Honest,” “All of the Peepholes Have Been Caulked Over,” “Roach Free Since 1983” and “We No Longer Have Cameras In All of Our Rooms.”

Halftime scores: Late, 27; ‘Pods, 28 (two other teams were tied with us), and 31, Dead Guys.

Round Four

1. Civil War – What U.S. state had the most casualties in the U.S. Civil War? Newsletter answer, 6.

2. Baseball – Along with the New York Yankees, what MLB team has the most retired single digit numbers? I came up with right guess here, but it wasn’t exactly a “home run” since we only wagered 2…but still…I got a sportsball question right so woo hoo!

3. Bodies of Water – What 32-mile long lake in New York is nicknamed Queen of the Lakes? Would need our long-lost New Yorker ‘Pod Sam for this one, miss for 4.

Round Five

1. Other Sports – Name one of the two breeds of horses used to produce polo ponies in American polo. Every team initially missed this one and all teams put in the same guess, which Stacy later ruled she was going to accept as correct after doing a little research, so we wound up getting this for 2.

2. 1989 – What unique feat did Taylor Swift accomplish when she won the album of the year Grammy award in 2015 for her album 1989? Missed for 4.

3. Animals – What reproductive feature is shared by moray eels, clownfish and hawkfish? This question spawned quite a lot of off-color jokes, such as “and they don’t even have to be in prison for this to happen,” and “sometimes women just have to rise to the occasion and get things done” (you had to be there…or maybe it’s better that you WEREN’T there)…got this for 6.

Round Six

1. Companies – Comcast, Rite Aid, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Five Below are all headquartered in what U.S. state? Miss for 2.

2. Commerce – What was the first stock exchange in the world – established by the Dutch East India company? Miss for 4.

3. Continents – What continent is home to 60 percent of the world’s population? Got for 6.

We had 50 points heading into the final, and were in second behind whichever team used the long “Pop Culture” name (was it Francis’ team…), which had 52 points.

Final Category – Flags

How many stars were on the U.S. flag nicknamed “Old Glory’ when it was used in 1824?

Mike and I both worked really hard on on this one, listing all of the possible states that were “states” as of this date (statehood dates is something I’ve tried to “study” recently). And we put down what would have been the correct answer, but Mike second-guessed himself, and we put down one fewer star as our answer. Though it may not be common for us to walk out of a trivia game because the category names scared us (LOL), it’s far more common for us to have close calls like this on final questions (par for the course for your garden variety pub trivia players)!

Well, that’s it for this week’s “trivial pursuits.” We’re tentatively eyeing a Monday game next week (work schedule permitting). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Aaron Burr!




One thought on “Trivia Recap – March 20, 2019 (Johnny’s Grill (Belleville, MI); McShane’s Pub (Ypsilanti, MI)

  1. Not including answers from the partial game at Johnny’s, here are the rest…

    Round One
    1. Giraffe
    2. squash
    3. History

    Round two
    1. Tower of Babel
    2. Ham
    3. Ice cream, Paul sheldon

    Round Three
    Riverdale, Georgia, Oak

    Halftime: Hilton Garden Inn, Everything Right Where You Need it
    Motel Six We’ll Leave a Light On For you
    Pullman’s – Our World is Your Playground
    Hampton Inn and Suites – We Love Having You here

    Round Four
    North Carolina, Boston Red Sox, Lake George

    Round Five
    Arabian, Thoroughbred and quarterhorse were all accepted as correct, back to back wins, spontaneously change sex
    Round Six
    Pennsylvania, Amsterdam and Asia

    Final question answer: 24

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