I’ll Be Hitting the Trails in Brighton Today!

We had some overnight snow, which is a huge bummer BECAUSE IT’S MARCH! But alas, all of the snow that coated my deck this morning is gone, and the dusting that is offending me in my front yard is diminishing, too. Begone, snow! Do I need to dig up Tom Petty’s corpse and have him talk to the snow? If so, here’s what he’d say…


St. Patrick’s Day is Sunday, which means I get to wear my new St. Patrick’s Day T-shirt! It’s nothing fancy, just a $5 T I picked up in the store where I work – it’s green and has a little pot of gold on the chest and says “Stay Golden.” I’m not a huge fan of shirts that “say” stuff, but don’t mind if the message is subtle! Kind of like that tank top I have with an avocado on the chest that says “Don’t make this guacward.” I couldn’t resist buying it! The tank also has a fraternal “twin” with a strawberry wearing headphones that says “that’s my jam.” I used to like wearing it to the name that tune nights with Kim (which sadly ended a few months ago). We both miss ’em!

I’m hoping it will be un-cold enough to wear my green knee socks Sunday! As a testimonial to me being a “car slob,” I only recently brought in my green knee socks from the car. They had been in there since AUGUST 2018 (I wore them for a trivia tournament). They were kind of half shoved under the front seat. Sigh…When “neat freak” genes were being handed out, I was probably ogling a cute baby animal or something (I try)! And to be fair, it’s not like we ever have people riding in the back seat of our car (except Brad on occasion, but we kind of put the free Uber service for him on hiatus some time ago, LOL). I mean, it’s not like he’s incapable or unable to drive, and an emergency is an emergency, but #1, he is very annoying in the car and #2, his decision to drive as little as possible is based on his own stubbornness (he won’t drive when drinking is involved because of a past moving violation). Well guess what? I can be stubborn too! No more driving him to trivia games (one of many reasons he only plays “local” games he can walk or bike to).

Moving on…for a special “theme” dinner for St. Patrick’s Day, we’re making a potato leek soup in the slow cooker (Crock Pot is a trademarked term so I’m not going to use it, LOL)! Now I’m thinking I want to throw in some good Irish stout, we’ll have to see what “singles” are for sale at the Kroger near the state park.

Well, that’s it for now! I’ve gotta get dressed for a hike!

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