Trivia Recap of Auld – March 15, 2013 – Corner Brewery

Editor’s note: every now and then my Facebook “memories” app will show me old trivia updates/recaps! Here is one I found today (I was not yet doing full game recaps at this point).

March 15, 2013 at 11:08 PM

OK, a couple of my trivia teammates asked about why they didn’t see the most recent game update, so here goes (and I will do some tagging since it doesn’t always work when tagging from a fan page):When playing bar trivia, we sometimes like to refer to ourselves as a “second game team” and that the first game is just a warm-up for us. Usually that’s just our clever spin on things when things don’t go really well for us in game one! However, we really were a “second game team” Wednesday night at the Corner Brewery playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia, missing only one 1-point question about (of all things) Johnny Depp movies (team movie expert hangs head in shame….). Still went on to ace the visual mystery round about (of all things) sports logos, which would ordinarily kill us. We somehow pulled out all of the correct answers on that and had 65 points going into the final question which was about (drum roll…) presidents, a very strong category for our team. President expert on team began listing them all, but only got up to Teddy Roosevelt. Good thing the question was: “Who was the second president to die in office?” First one was obviously the one who died in 30 days. Second one not too far ahead, got it right and wound up getting first place in game two. We wound up with a total of 119 league points. A shout out to the Gentlemen Kangaroos for taking second in game one and More Beer Less Pants for taking first place. The grammy final question was a groaner for our team (ugh). Also congratulations to the Corn Fritters for taking second in game two – love to see Corner Brewery regulars dominate a game! Special thanks to Jeannette and Matt for allowing us to Shanghai them into playing both games with us. And big ups to Sporcle Live for allowing hosts to bring back the 3-point question in game two. Go Pods!

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