Trivia Is On the “Menu” Tonight!

Plans are for me and a couple of others to play a trivia game at Sticks tonight. It’s the tenth week of the Sporcle Live season, so teams in contention for tournament spots are roughly at the “halfway” point. The My Trivia Live season has another couple of weeks to go. My team is not actively trying to win any tournament spots this season, and as for whether we try to do that when the next MTL season starts? All I can say is “We’ll see.” When you were a kid, didn’t you just HATE it when you asked your mom or dad something… and that was their answer?

Looking ahead to next week, my hours at work are picking up a bit, and as part of my attempts to only go out for trivia on nights when I don’t work the next day (I do have to work pretty early in the mornings)…it looks like our best options next week will be either Tuesday or Saturday. All TBD at this point. As part of this ongoing “self improvement” thing, I’m making a real effort to make getting enough sleep at night more of a priority, despite how much of a “night owl” that I am naturally! The struggle is real…That “Amber alert” that blipped my phone TWICE when I was going to sleep last night was…not good! Not only was the Amber alert super vague (something about a camo truck? Huh?) But it was also poorly timed. I was just starting to nod off when the phone sounded like Armageddon was coming out of it – and THEN IT DID IT AGAIN!  Some of you may already know how I feel about having alarms wake me up (oh the humanity…the nasty things I’ve said to poor defenseless alarms that are just doing their jobs).


Looking ahead to next month, the MTL semifinals and finals are scheduled for Saturday, April 20 and Saturday, April 27. As I did last season, I’ll keep “an ear to the ground” to see if any other teams might need a player or two to help them out. My husband and I did manage to find “dates” for the MTL finals in December, 2018. Barring that, I’ll plan on going to the closest semifinals again, even if just as a “spectator.” SOMEBODY’s gotta write a game recap, don’t they?

A cabin trip is also on the horizon! I scheduled it so it wouldn’t conflict with the MTL semis/finals “just in case.” I’m very, very excited about the trip! Campfires! Staring at the lake! Hikes! Corn hole! I want to try something different with s’mores – and make them with pretzel crackers instead of graham crackers to add a bit of saltiness to the mix. Sound yummy? I think so! A 10-year-old boy will be “cabining” with us, so I’m sure s’mores will be a requirement!

Thanks everyone for continuing to visit this blog site. I know I’ve been a little… nuts with posting the stuff about my niece being in the cross country competition in Alaska. I’m definitely in “proud auntie” mode! If I were on Facebook, you could “unfollow” me or “snooze” me for 30 days (I snooze my friends every now and then). The way I look at it – if you’re visiting this blog site – and actually reading my blogs  – it means you WANT to be here! It’s not just another scrolling post you either skip or read – or one that makes you downright offended. I’m glad y’all are here! I’ll do my best to make sure you keep on stopping by!

To close out this blog, I’m going to share a some links – one is for a funny article I read earlier on NPR about conformity and hipsters. IT’S HILARIOUS! You can read it here.

The other article pertains to the picture below!


The “Jury of the Damned” on The Simpsons episode entitled The Devil and Homer Simpson. On the jury were John Dillinger, John Wilkes Booth, Richard Nixon, Benedict Arnold, Lizzie Borden and “The Starting Line of the 1976 Philadelphia Flyers.” When I asked my friend Brad what was so bad about them, he said they were dubbed the “Broad Street Bullies.” You can read more about them here.

On that note? I hope everyone has a nice weekend! St. Patrick’s Day is coming up! Here’s a blog with a tenuous St. Patrick’s Day twist you can read! Cheers! What else? Oh yes…I’m FINALLY getting my hair cut later today!



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