Ski Championship UPDATE – Monday’s Race Results – Junior Nationals

Can some of you tell I wish I was still working as a news reporter again? I do…I really, really do! Sigh…I’ll do the next best thing and attempt to be a “remote” correspondent for the 2019 U.S. Cross Country Junior Nationals! Well, I’m being a bit “biased” in my coverage, focusing on one of the skiers in particular…my 18-year-old niece Anabel!


Anabel starting her U18 women’s freestyle race on Monday, March 11. Check out that game face!

She finished 20th out of 82 contestants in Monday’s U18 women’s race, finishing the course in 14 minutes 49 seconds. Not surprisingly, Anchorage native Kendall Kramer wound up finishing first – completing the course in 13 minutes 9.7 seconds. There is something to be said for the home field advantage – specifically knowing the course you’re skiing because you’ve been able to practice on it!

I’ll have another update posted later on…Anabel will be skiing again today. What a thing to be able to watch her skiing…FROM 3,800 MILES AWAY IN MY LIVING ROOM! This is so exciting!

I hope that now she knows the course a bit better she can kick even more butt today! I always knew the girl was a warrior! No matter how she finishes, she has a very proud auntie!

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