Let’s Cheer On Those Young Skiers in Alaska (One of Them Is My Niece)!

If you’re a parent, you want to be proud of your kids. If you’re not a parent (like me) – you do the next best thing – be proud of your niece or nephew!

My niece Anabel turned 18 in January. She’s been skiing since she was about three years old, and this weekend – will be competing with other U18 skiers from across the country in the Cross Country Junior Nationals championship in Anchorage, AK. 

This is a…pretty big deal in the world of competitive skiing! She’s worked hard to get this far – competed in countless ski races in the Midwest over the past several years. And between races, she trains, and trains…and trains – even if it means getting up at the ass crack of dawn (she’s one of those people who makes us all feel a bit unmotivated, LOL)!

When she’s not busy skiing (her primary passion), her other favorite pastimes include cross country, track and “skate skiing” – which is how she stays in shape when there is no snow on the ground (an occurrence that makes this cold weather lover very, very sad)! She’ll be attending Michigan Technological University in the fall. She was kind of “recruited” to attend MTU because of her excellence in skiing (though picking a college was a very tough decision for her). She and her parents even scouted out colleges out in New England and New York state – but she’ll be sticking close to home when she begins college.

During the next week in Alaska, she’ll be competing as part of the “Great Lakes” team consisting of 16 skiers from Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Locally, her ski team competes under the “Ski Tigers” name, which is based in the Keweenaw County area in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. She finished first in the Michigan State Championships in Ishpeming, MI in mid February.


Anabel is in the center…

I would have to say this is…quite the accomplishment! I hope this winds up being the experience of a lifetime – as she represents this elite group of young skiers!

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