Heading Out For a Hike Today!

It’s  been a rough  winter. I’ve  been forced  to take  some  of  my walks  in  a shopping  mall when  weather  too  terrible  to venture  outdoors. Mall walks  will  get  the  job  done, but truth  be told, I’d  rather  smell “outdoorsy  scents” than fresh  baked pretzels and scented candles! Though, fresh  baked  pretzels…  do smell pretty good!

All of these  walks  I’ve  been  taking  have definitely  paid off. My body is tightening  up, I’m wearing some shirts I haven’t  worn in years, my sleeping has improved and the exercise  is great for fighting  off “the blues.” Taking  regular  walks  is one of a couple  of steps  I’ve  taken  toward  improving  my health  in  2019. The “other” thing involved  ditching  a bad habit (pretty  much cold turkey, too).

Now to think about…finding a new job! One thing at a time?

On  the  horizon, a cabin  trip is planned next month. CANNOT WAIT! What better  cure for cabin fever than…renting  a cabin?

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