(STOLEN RECAP) – Sept. 7, 2016 – Johnny’s Grill (MBLP)

Editor’s note: This is a recap of a September, 2016 game as reported by the team More Beer Less Pants from Johnny’s Grill. My attempts to answer these…rather tough questions – will be in boldface type. 

September 7, 2016

Tuesday night, the MBLP Core Trio of Mr. People Person, The Ginger and I, landed at Johnny’s Grill for some trivia with Sporcle Live Host Elyse. By the end of the night, we finished with one of our lowest scoring outings in quite a while. According to inside sources, the average score across all venues was a miserable 67 points. So it was probably a good night to use the “Sucker’s Bet”. It worked for at least one team we played against.

Game 1
1) In August 2014, what fast food restaurant chain began selling a $10 sandwich on their “secret menu” dubbed the “Meat Mountain”, which includes eight types of meat?
Customers were requesting it after the restaurant started displaying a poster featuring a stack of every single meat they serve.
-Wagered pretty conservatively on this one, even though we were pretty sure we had the right answer. Wagering was not our strong suit tonight.

I would guess either Arby’s or Jimmy John’s for this one. Here’s a pic…


Uh, where would you even START? And doesn’t “Meat Mountain” sound like something from The Simpsons? That chicken patty and some Swiss cheese would be enough for me, thank you!

2) On November 15, 2010, which NFC East team set the record for most points scored during a Monday Night Football broadcast with 59 points?
– Wisely used our re-rack on this one. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the answers Ging had written down on the slip as I ran it up. He spaced and wrote down one of the teams we were sure did not have the record. Good thing we wagered low.


3) What stealth video game franchise introduced the character Solid Snake?
– Hey, a video game question we know!

I asked my husband for a “lifeline” here, he said, “I don’t know but it sounds very familiar.” 

4) The two most populous U.S. cities that begin with the letter “Q” are both named what?
Bonus – Name one of the two states in which these cities are located.
– Nope and nope. One of our players grew up in this state and was immediately disgusted when the answer was read.

Quincy? Massachusetts my guess for the bonus.

5) What actor plays a plastic surgeon named Danny in the lead role of the 2011 romantic comedy “Just Go With It”?
– MPP nails it with an unsure middle wager.

Is Jennifer Aniston in this one? I would have to team up with someone to get this…Evan is better with “recent movies” than I am.

6) Simon & Garfunkel had three #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. One of the songs was “Mrs. Robinson”. Name one of the other two Simon & Garfunkel songs that hit #1.
– One song came to me immediately. We thought about a second, but stuck with the correct one.

Sound Of Silence is one…unsure of the other, Brad would probably know this. I don’t think the other one is The Boxer.

7) The first successful human heart transplant operation took place in what decade?
– I was pretty sure on this one, but wagered the middle of what we had left because I was worried it would be one of those answers that you think is at the end of a decade, but is actually the beginning of the next. In the end, my year guess was right on.

Ugh, we got burned by a similar question in a MTL game…I think the answer wound up being the 1970s? Or 1960s (gonna look it up). 

8) What pop star is associated with a fragrance called ‘Truth or Dare’?
– Ging nails this one.


9) Which US president signed the congressional resolution that made the Star Spangled banner our national anthem: James Madison, Abraham Lincoln, William Howard Taft or Herbert Hoover?

This happened on the late side, so I’d guess…Hoover? 

10) What TV show had a 2010 episode which featured an extravagant musical number for the song “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit”?
– This one may have been a social.

Uh, not it!

Mystery – This Day in History
a)1899 – what company named after a flower processed its first can of evaporated milk? Carnation
b)1954 – the birth of what businesswoman who ran an unsuccessful 2016 presidential campaign? Jill Stein.
c)1996 – MLB first baseman and designated hitter hit his 500th career home run while playing for the Baltimore Orioles? Nope. 
d)1901 – President William McKinley was shot and mortally wounded while attending an event in which eastern US state? New York. This was SO avoidable, too – he had received multiple warnings about possible assassination attempts, but basically blew ’em all off. 
Got them all.

Going into the final, we were on top by 1 point over the team in 2nd, which I didn’t write down.

Final – Desserts (not the Gobi)
Name three of the four original flavors of Jell-O.

Raspberry, lemon, orange? 

We had a list that included three of the flavors. Unfortunately, the one flavor that HAD to be correct… was not. We must have had a version of this question at least two times before, but I don’t think we have ever gotten it right.

Game 2.
1)Kristen Bell, Jennifer Garner, Julie Bowen, and Hayden Panettiere have all been spokespersons for skin care, hair care, and cosmetic products from what brand that is owned by Johnson & Johnson?

That skin care stuff…whose name is escaping me ATM…

2)When it opened in 1998, what National League stadium became the first MLB stadium in the United States to have a retractable roof?
-Nope. We went with a venue that broke ground the same year, but didn’t open until 2001.

No idea.

3)What seven-letter word is another common name for the disease known as German Measles?


4)What 1990s Fox teen drama that ran for 10 seasons inspired a similarly named show on another network in 2008?
Bonus – On what network did this new show air?
– We discussed the right answer, but didn’t believe in a thousand years that the reboot had premiered in 2008.

Sabrina? Teen dramas not my wheelhouse…

5)What card game is most closely associated with the phrase “Shoot the Moon”?
– Ugh. Not even in the right ballpark… again.

Pinochle? Bridge? Something old folks play (no idea)…

6)Audio – Al Pacino speaking in a 1975 Best Picture nominated film about a bank robbery.
– I recognized it immediately, but the others looked at me with bizarre stares when I started running through the plot.

Dog Day Afternoon (which I have never seen but know a handful of things about, LOL). John Cazale was in it – which means it was nominated for best picture (everything he appeared in was nominated for or won best picture). 

7)In Latin American culture, a Quinceanera celebrates what milestone in a young woman’s life?
– Again, I come up with the answer quickly but we wager lower than we should because we are overthinking the question.

Pointless milestone. Who cares about turning…15? It’s not like you can get a driver’s license! Or drink….

8)What Top 40 hit from singer-songwriter George Ezra has a title that is also the name of a Central European capital city?
– Ging knocks it out of the park.

Never heard of this guy.

9)Which of the following is NOT part of the Mr. Men children’s book series: Mr. Greedy, Mr. Daydream, Mr. Messy or Mr. Picky?
– Crap. When are we ever going to get a question about a kids book that one of our kids likes? Nope, nope, forever nope.

I’m going to guess Mr. Greedy. 

10)The Twenty-third Amendment to the United States Constitution, ratified in 1961, effectively extended the right to vote in presidential elections to citizens living where?
– Got it. Thank God this round is over!

I would guess U.S. territories.

Mystery –


Got them all.

I know #3 is Tombstone, would need my “news team” to help with the others. Though I will guess The Postman for #4. The first two look rom-commy, which is DEFINITELY not my mojo.

Going into final #2, we were sitting way down in 5th place with a pitiful 49 points.

Final – NPR

On the NPR radio program “Marketplace”, three different songs are used to indicate whether the Dow Jones Industrial Average, is up, is down, or is mixed. Name one of those three songs.

My brain hurts…

We listen to a fair amount of NPR, but not this show.
Oh well, every team rolls out a flop every now and then, right?


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