“Rerun” From About Two Years Ago…

I fully intended to have some “new” material for y’all today! But our trivia night last night was canceled, and no decent alternative spots were rearing their heads.

Here’s a recap from a game at Original Gravity from Feb. 23, 2017. It was a decent trivia night, with just Mike and I going out on an unseasonably nice February night. The weekend before, it was nice enough to take a walk outside…in shorts! No such luck today, we just got a few more inches of snow dumped on us…ugh.

Read a recap of that game here. “Michelangelo” was still on the mic. Though he often came across to me as a bit TOO rough around the edges, I still happened to like some of the tunes he played (except for that one night when he thought it would be a hoot to play country songs – I think he was just…experimenting since he was still new). Since Michelangelo was the first host here in March, 2016; three other hosts have been on the mic at Original Gravity since then – “Matty Ice,” (a Casey Kasem wannabe), Jor’el (short-lived flamboyant male host who played entire sets of songs by single artists) and Lauren, whom has been on the mic since November, 2017 (she is doing a fairly decent job and is reliable – also, her music request forms have been quite popular with players).

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