“I’m On A Roll…I’m On a Roll…”

When I went out for a walk today, I decided to turn right – instead of left! Change is good…right? It certainly felt a lot warmer than the 14 degrees the Weather Channel claimed it was supposed to be. My coat and lightweight down vest stayed unzipped for the whole walk, I didn’t wear my gloves much – and I didn’t secure the earflaps on my  “ugly hat. ”

Today’s walk was was only about 2.5 miles, but took about 50 minutes because of…walking in snow. I was focused more on keeping a pace that would keep me from falling on my ass…than speed!


Pro tip – walking with your eyes open instead of closed is key to seeing where you are going! Also key to good selfies, LOL…

While I was walking the .3 mile stretch of Prospect connecting my neighborhood to the subdivision north of my house, a dark grey Dodge vehicle (sporty, most likely a Charger) stopped dead in my path. Window was down on the passenger side, and I THINK they were probably going to ask if I wanted a ride. I just kept…moving on – and thankfully, so did they. I tried making mental note of the license plate number just “in case…”

I was only “semi familiar” with the neighborhood I walked in today, which is located just south of Geddes on the East side of Prospect in Superior Township. Most of the homes appear to have been built in the 1970s or later – lots of Colonials, some ranch-style homes, and even a set of townhouses, which are all condos. As “luck” would have it (“luck” is today’s secret word, I’ll explain more about that in a bit), I passed by a little neighborhood park – which had a map posted! Yay, I could look at a map and figure out what route I was going to take!

I took some photos of street signs to serve as “cookie crumbs…”


Most of the songs that provided the “soundtrack” today were repeats – except one – which was ALMOST skipped. It started off sounding a bit like Karma Police by Radiohead (I don’t really care for that song), but I realized soon….that it wasn’t Karma Police. So I let it..”roll” (which is another key word besides “luck”). There was too much outdoor glare for me to read the itty bitty screen on my mp3 player, so I just tried to remember some of the lyrics so I could google ’em when I got home. Here are the lyrics I kept in my head:

It’s going to be a glorious day.

So what song do these lyrics match up to? Some of you might be going, “Oh I know this..I know it!” Yup, those lyrics are from the song Lucky, which as “luck” would have it, sounded pretty darn good on a snowy day! Nice guitar riffs…thoughtful lyrics. Some other lyrics from that song…

I’m on a roll…I’m on a roll.

I would not describe myself as a Radiohead fan (my brother definitely is a HUGE Radiohead fan, which is the main reasons I have any of their tracks on my mp3 player). Though I do like a few of their songs (Fake Plastic Trees, National Anthem, Creep). Now I can another song to that list!

So, in conclusion…not only did I turn right instead of left today – but I heard a Radiohead song I’ve never heard before!

Here are a couple of photos from my walk…it looks like there is some new development in the neighborhood!


Repurposed Pepsi semi?


Good thing I went to the bathroom before I started my walk! 🙂


Speaking of going to the bathroom! This sign COULD be more clear, couldn’t it?


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